Healing Diaper Rash Naturally

Healing Diaper Rash Naturally

Diaper rash is quite a common scenario in babies and growing infants. The red splotches on your baby’s bottom with inflamed, scaly skin can make any new parent concerned and worried. But things can get better when you treat them correctly.

What is Diaper Rash?

Diaper rashes are one of the types of skin rashes in babies that occur in the baby’s bottom due to the presence of warmth and moistness. These rashes look like red, inflamed pitches with scaly skin at your baby’s bottom and genital area.

Diaper rash usually occurs due to:

  • Irritation by stool and urine
  • New foods
  • Sensitive skin
  • Too tight and prolonged usage of diapers.

Keep Baby’s Bottom Clean and Dry

The most important and effective way to prevent your baby from diaper rash is to keep its bottom clean and dry. And also, make sure the diaper is not wrapped around too tightly.

Whenever your baby is not wearing a diaper, let him be in a towel. Keep some time of the day without diapers for your baby. This routine will keep your baby’s bottom dry and clean.

On the other hand, while changing diapers for your baby, gently clean the area with a soft cotton cloth. You may use alcohol-free wipes gently for cleaning purposes. And, while bathing your baby, use mild soap or baby wash to clean the bottoms of your baby and keep the area pat dry.

Diaper Changing Tips

It is vital to change diapers often to prevent diaper rash in babies. When you notice the sagging of diapers, remove them immediately. Additionally, do not let the soiled diaper stay on for a longer duration.

If you use cloth diapers for your child, make sure you wash your baby’s cloth diapers twice or thrice using mild detergent. There should be no residue of detergent or dirt left on the diapers as it can lead to rashes on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Over-The-Counter Rash Creams

Apply a thin layer of the diaper rash cream after cleaning the area gently. These rash creams are widely available can be used for instant relief. Multiple baby brands in the market cater to this specific need.

Treatments to Avoid

When it comes to preventing and treating diaper rash, it is recommended to use less fragranced and chemical-based products. These artificial fragrances and color-based products often lead to skin irritation.

Additionally, keep your baby in breathable clothes instead of tight and highly embellished clothes.

When to See Your Doctor

Although diaper rashes look painful and irritated, they can be treated with proper hygiene and care. But if you see the rashes look infected with pus formation, contact your doctor immediately for quick healing.

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