House Rules For Kids That Every Child Should Follow

House Rules For Kids That Every Child Should Follow

House rules are important for children to understand their responsibilities towards home. It lay down the framework for managing emotions in children. Thus, set up the house rules that not only involve children to follow but also the adults of the family.

A Big ‘NO’ for Any Damage

Children usually while playing or jumping break some of the other toys, or furniture. Sometimes they simply scribble on the wall with their showcasing their creativity. So, as a parent sit with your child and talk about this issue. It is vital for children to understand they should not damage any of their or their house’s belongings. Each of the things has its value and these things are not meant to be broken or damaged.

Fixed Days for Ice-creams and Chocolates

Who does not love eating ice cream and chocolates? Almost every child loves doing so. But eating ice-creams and chocolates regularly can harm their teeth leading to several oral health problems. Thus, make this thing very clear while setting the house rules that ice-creams, chocolates, Maggi, etc. will only be on certain days. Here, both parents and children can decide which day will be the best for enjoying these items. These house rules will ensure the fact that excess of anything is harmful to health.

No Name-Calling or Hitting

This house rule is applicable to both parents and children. Name-calling or hitting is in no way good for neither the parents nor for the children. So, in case of any misbehavior from the children or argument amongst the sibling, children, as well as parents, should not hit or shout at each other.

Participation in Simple Household Chores

The children should participate in some of the activities related to household tasks. For example, folding of clothes, watering the plants, keeping their bookshelves neat and tidy, vegetable sorting and keeping them at the proper place, etc. These simple activities develop a sense of responsibility in children and make them feel like grown-up kids.

Set up the routine for regular study

Children above the age of 6 years should get into a regular habit of reading and writing. Therefore, setting up a schedule for study as one of the house rules is going to help your child to develop the habit of reading and writing. Tell your child that everyday evening time after play is going to be the time for study as it is important for him. Sit with your child at the time of the study; through this, you will guide your child in the best possible manner.

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