How to help develop your infant’s vision: 0-3 months

How to help develop your infant’s vision: 0-3 months

3 Nov 2015 | 1 min Read

Baby Chakra

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A new born’s vision takes longer to develop than all other senses and remains far less sharp than a grown-up’s throughout infancy.


In the first days of his life, he can barely focus on a source of light. By the 10th day, he can make out large contrasting objects kept 10-12 inches away.Natural objects such as living plants serve as a wonderful stimulus for vision development.


Put a plant with contrasting leaves in your baby’s room and he will find it absolutely fascinating! The more the baby examines the plant, the more rapidly will his eye muscles develop allowing the baby to move freely and providing an object of observation will be an ideal introduction to his surrounding world.


Watch this video to see how your infant will respond:


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