How to celebrate a safe Diwali during pregnancy

How to celebrate a safe Diwali during pregnancy

The festival of luck, love and lights is almost here. If you're an expecting mum, we bet you want to make the most of the festive spirit when your baby is still a bump. Well, pregnancy shouldn't deter you from enjoying a fun-filled Diwali, but there are some things you need to be careful about, as this festival brings along its own little menaces. Here's how a mum-to-be can have a healthy and safe Diwali.

Tips for a safe Diwali festival during pregnancy

Boom, sparkle, cough!

Fireworks are fun, but protecting yourself from the pollution they cause is the most important precaution you must take as a pregnant mum.
Most firecrackers, when burnt are high on toxic gases like sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. Some fireworks such as the anar also have heavy metals such as copper, lead and manganese, which can be absorbed into the bloodstream after extended exposure.

The air, laden with these pollutants, can make any mum-to-be highly susceptible to respiratory allergies. This can make breathing tough, especially if you are in your second and third trimester, or suffer from ailments such as asthma. And how can anyone ignore the loud booms caused by the bombs?

While the smoke and noise may not affect the baby directly, it can definitely throw a wet blanket onto your celebratory mood.

'The baby is protected by the amniotic fluid so it is not affected much by air and the noise during Diwali. However, respiratory illnesses can make a pregnant mum pop in unnecessary pills, which is not good for a growing fetus,' says Dr Nigamaja Hariharan, women's health physiotherapist, Active Moms, Navi Mumbai.

Try to stay indoors as much as possible, but if you wish to observe the fireworks, do so with a mask or a wet handkerchief around your mouth and nose. Stay indoors during the early hours of the morning and at dusk, as these are times the air is thickest with pollutants.


Dress to be....fireproof

You have to dress your bump well during the festival, but do so with comfortable yet dressy cottons. Shiny clothes are often made of materials (synthetic) which are not fireproof, and can catch fire easily from stray sparks or open flames.
Standing tall with your bump over high heels is also not a good idea. So opt for low heeled, grounded footwear.

Be beautiful, naturally

That new facial at the beautician's may promise you a Diwali 'glow', but it's better to avoid any new, harsh chemicals from certain products when pregnant lest they get absorbed into your system. Try natural beauty products or home remedies instead.

Scrub down a bit

All the scrubbing and cleaning is a festive must, but with a heavy belly and a skewed center of gravity, it's important to take it easy to avoid strain. More so, because some of the cleaning chemicals can have adverse effects on health.

Hold back on sugary yumminess

It's so easy to give into the delectable Diwali sweets and fried snacks. Indulgence may be a necessary evil during the festive season, but too much of rich food will just make you put on unhealthy weight or give you gestational diabetes, two big no's during pregnancy.

Celebrate the festival of new beginnings responsibly for a blissful pregnancy, and a healthy you!

Wish you a bright and safe Diwali!

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