‘Fun and Learn’ activities for your toddler this Diwali!

‘Fun and Learn’ activities for your toddler this Diwali!

Festivities can go hand-in-hand with learning. In fact, the child learns best that way as he is already having a lot of fun doing it. Diwali is about lights and brightness and creates interesting opportunities to teach your toddler different things!

Here's what I tried out this year at home and am so excited to share this with you

We began by painting diyas in Diwali colors and my son and his friends had an absolute blast painting them!



Next, Diwali is about decorating your house with beautiful things, so I got some amazing floating candles and flowers from the local market. We filled a bowl from the kitchen with water and my son had loads of fun putting the flowers and candles in water.



Diwali is also about making colorful floral decorations (Rangoli). For that, we made some colored salts at home, which could be used later as well. We just mixed few drops of water paints to table salt, and kept them outside for a day to dry.

Once the colored salts were ready, we took some paper plates and cardboard cutouts and put glue on them. My son could then spread out sand on it whichever way he liked to. This is the easiest form of Rangoli for a preschooler.



There's a tradition during Diwali in which elders give money as gifts to younger ones. I got a pretty envelope from the local market and some fake Indian currency notes. My son had fun looking at them with me and seeing what is what and putting them in or taking them out of the envelope. A simple yet practical way of learning.



I drew out some diyas and my son had to make the flame with his little thumb using yellow paint. We then cut them out into little squares, and pasted them on a colored paper to make a greeting card for his grandma.



And the last but certainly not the least, Diwali is about gifting near and dear ones. We got some pretty gift boxes from the local market and my son enjoyed filling them up with dry fruits.



Try these out with your toddler and I am sure he will keep asking you for more! Isn't that a great way of preparing for a very Happy Diwali?
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For an even better understanding of these activities, checkout this video on my YouTube channel – Mumma Diaries.



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