Dessert recipe for special occasions: Chenna toast

Dessert recipe for special occasions: Chenna toast

4 Nov 2015 | 3 min Read

Shyamlee Mahal

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If you want something traditional, yet not something which you get commonly, this is a perfect sweet. This dessert recipe does need a bit of hard work and time but then, for special occasions, most of us won’t mind.



1. Full Fat Milk – 5 cups
2. Homemade Curd – 1 cup
3. Yellow food color – a pinch
4. Saffron – 8 strands
5. Cornflour – 1 tbsp
6. Sugar – 2 cups
7. Water – 4 cups


For garnishing

1. Milk – 2 cups
2. Sugar – 2 tbsp
3. Coconut powder – ½ cup


This is how I did it

1. Take a heavy bottomed pan and boil the milk in it.

2. When the milk is boiling, reduce the flame to low and after 2-3 minutes, add curd and keep stirring the milk continuously.

3. Leave it to curdle for a minute. You can see the chenna / paneer separate from the greenish water.

4. Strain the chenna using a muslin cloth.

5. Wash the chenna in a bowl of fresh water 3 times.

6. The steps 4 and 5 should be done very quickly to stop the cooking process of chenna.

7. Tie and hang the chenna to drain extra water for an hour.

8. This is very important. If water remains in the chenna, the toast will break at the time of cooking.

9. After the extra water is drained, open the muslin cloth on a flat surface knead the chenna with cornflour, half of the saffron and food color for 3-4 minutes. Use your palm for this process till the chenna is smooth and free of lumps.

10. You know you are done when the chenna looks like dough.

11. Make elliptical shapes out of the dough.

12. Put water, sugar and remaining saffron in a heavy bottomed vessel and bring to boil. Keep stirring occasionally so that sugar dissolves completely.

13. Put the elliptical shapes in the sugar syrup and cover and cook for 7 to 8 minutes.

14. Switch off the flame and allow it to stand for 15 minutes.

15. Do not touch the chenna toast when they are hot, else they might break.

16. Gently put them in a bowl and refrigerate for 15 minutes.

17. To prepare for garnishing, boil milk in a heavy bottom pan and simmer it till it is reduced to half and becomes thick and creamy.

18. Remember to keep stirring it else the milk might get burnt.

19. Add coconut powder.

20. Add sugar and keep aside to cool.

21. Once the chenna toast and garnish is cooled, garnish your toast with this mixture.

22. Serve your chenna toast chilled.

When can it be served
• It can be served anytime as a snack or with any meal. Can be sent easily in the lunchbox too.


Tips and Tricks
• They can be made in any shape as per your desire and occasion.
• Garnish can vary as per your taste.
• Whipped cream can also be used for garnishing instead of the reduced milk mixture.

So try this out and let us know, how your family liked it!


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