Tips To Clean Home After Diwali

Tips To Clean Home After Diwali

6 Nov 2021 | 2 min Read


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Amrita Balachandran

What is next after Diwali? We often realise the mess in our house after the whole five days of the Diwali celebration. We are here sharing post-Diwali cleanups for your quick start to clean up all mess.

Take Down All Decorations

Diwali is not only the festival of lights but also a festival of decorating one’s house. Once the festival is over, start with the removal of decorations. You can easily remove dried flowers hanging from doors and windows and ribbons and decorative materials made of paper from the house. Diyas and rangoli are also some of those items to be removed after Diwali. Removing these items makes it easier to start with the rest of the house cleaning process.


Clean Up The Kitchen

Diwali is the festival of sweets and snacks, and the kitchen always stays busy and vibrant during these festive mood days. The continuous cooking up of sweets and other dishes makes the kitchen chaotic, with necessary items jumbled up. Thus, rearrange the kitchen shelves first, keeping everything in their respective places and removing stains from various kitchen parts. Gas stoves especially must be cleaned as they are primarily used even after the festival. Wash all your crockeries properly and keep them back in a proper place to use them again next year.


Cleanup Your Cupboards

What’s Diwali without new dresses, accessories and makeup? New dresses and accessories accompany the festival of lights. It also implies continuously opening your cupboard, trying out great outfits and zeroing in on one. Messy cupboards are the hallmark of the festive season. Once the festival is over, rearrangement of the cupboard becomes essential. Wash, iron and put your best outfits back into the almirah. And carefully rearrange your makeup kits and put them back in your cupboard closets.


Mop the House Clean

Festive days of celebrations are hard on your house floor. Oil spills from diyas or colours from rangoli and floor stains are every day during Diwali. Use a liquid cleaner and a mop to clean your house. Use household vinegar and water for slightly more difficult stains to remove and rub until the stains disappear. For the rest of the house, use a liquid cleaner and ample water to wipe the house clean and restore it to its pre-Diwali state.


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