A Good List Of Fun Activities To Help Your Child Learn Alphabet

A Good List Of Fun Activities To Help Your Child Learn Alphabet

9 Nov 2015 | 4 min Read

Shyamlee Mahal

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Alphabets are the starting point for education hence, we are often worried about how to teach them to our child in a manner that they can grasp and retain it, without creating too much stress for them as well as us.

It is best to teach them alphabets while they are at play. Not only will they have fun, but that helps them remember much better.

Sing the Alphabet Song

Sing the alphabet song with your child whenever you are driving or just playing around in the house.


Make Alphabet Cookies

Bake sugar cookies in alphabet shapes. Involve the child in cutting the cookie shapes. It will also help develop the fine motor skills of your child while they are having fun.


Wall Painting Alphabets

If you have a wall designated for kids to show their artistic skills, use it for this activity. If you don’t, it is okay to use washable paints and crayons and use the bathroom wall or a French window. Draw a big letter and let the child finger paint or colour it the way they want. This is a fun activity especially in summers. The tiles on the wall can be easily cleaned later with water.


Show me the alphabet

This activity was loved by my son. We use to play while waiting for his school bus. I would say – Show me the alphabet – and he would look into the number plate of all the cars parked in the area and point out to the correct alphabet. You could do this while you are in the mall, or waiting at the doctor’s clinic, or anywhere else. Just utilise the idle time with your child.


Move the car with the Alphabet

This activity works very well for car crazy kids! Make alphabet cards and place them on the floor. Place a small car like hotwheels in front of each flashcard. Call out to the child to move the car, which is placed in front of a particular alphabet. The child has to move the car with the called alphabet on the race track. He can bring the car to finish line and then next alphabet can be called out.

To make it more exciting, you can also make a race track using chalk starting from each car.


Plastic Alphabets in a box

Place plastic alphabets in a box or bag. Call out the alphabet and ask the child to take out the correct letter.


Magic Ink Alphabets

Use magic ink pens to write alphabets on a paper. No letter will be visible. Ask the child to colour the page with the any colour pen he likes from the magic ink pen set and the letter will appear on the page on colouring. Ask the child to name the alphabet. Magic pens are easily available in stationery stores. I got it from Hamley’s for my son and have found them to be good and long lasting.


Play dough Alphabets

Make alphabets using play dough with your child. You can also use moulds available for play dough.


Treasure Hunt for alphabets

This is the perfect game for the little pirates. Show them the letter and ask them to get something starting with that letter. For example if you show them the letter “A” they can get an apple.


Collage Making _ Alphabets

Make cut outs for alphabets. Ask the child to stick bits of paper for collage making activity.


Alphabets Chutes and Ladders game

Make or print alphabet chutes and ladder game and play with your child. You can find a free printable version at:



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