Breastfeeding hack for adoptive and surrogate mothers

Breastfeeding hack for adoptive and surrogate mothers

9 Nov 2015 | 2 min Read

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Breast milk is the best option for a baby under 6 months of age. Besides being healthy, it also helps form a bond between the mother and child. This bond is what adoptive or surrogate mom’s miss out on. However, if you are one, you can enjoy the benefits of breast feeding, even without resorting to extensive hormonal treatment.

You must remember that the key to initiating and maintaining milk supply is stimulation. The more you stimulate the more you supply. So, invest in a good breast pump and use the pump 4-6 times every day for 3 months prior to the arrival of the baby. You will need to pump each breast for 15 minutes each times.

Most mom’s will be able to achieve partial supply by the time the baby arrives. Don’t lose hope if you are not making enough. You can consider a supplementary nursing device. This consists of a fine tube, as is in a bottle of formula. In this manner, the baby suckles at the breast and mother and baby can enjoy the bonding benefits.

It is also recommended that you seek assistance from a lactation consultant to help achieve your breast feeding goals.

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