Useful Tips to Travel in Train with Kids

Useful Tips to Travel in Train with Kids

15 Nov 2021 | 3 min Read


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Travelling with a baby by Indian trains can become a challenge and make you exhausted. You must be willing to jumpstart your dream journey, but travelling by train with a kid may not be easy. Therefore, you must prepare and pack kids items in advance, which will help manage your kids during the trip.

Handling toddlers in a train with limited space, baby food and sometimes unavailability of facilities like low-lighted lamps during the night, medical help etc., makes it tough to go. Therefore, BabyChakra shares six tips on travelling with kids to make the journey easy and comfortable.

Carry a Foldable Baby bed: The foldable baby beds becomes an easy option for the parents to make their child sleep comfortably. The risk of unhygienic encounters gets reduced to a great extent.

Carry one extra Baby Bag: Do not fit baby essentials into the luggage specially packed for you. You should always pack baby essentials in a separate bag. This bag should include diapers, baby wipes, face cream, soft blanket, soft towels, baby hairbrush, flat soft mattress to place on the cot, feeding bottle, sanitiser, baby formula milk (depending on the age of the baby), thermos flask with warm water and sets of clothing. Be prepared to stock these items in advance and carry them on your trip.

Emergency Medicines: Some parents cannot figure out why their kid is irritable and cranky during the journey. They ignore that kids also feel uncomfortable and start to fussy with gastric pain after their food intake. Gastric issues are expected during the train journey amongst kids. Thus, carry emergency medicines for the baby to avoid illnesses like fever, stuffy nose, burp, nausea etc.

Prefer AC class for Your Journey: The AC coaches in our Indian Railway are expensive, but they are suitable when travelling with a child below five years. These are a preferable option because of their wider berth facility. The kids can easily sleep along with their parents in the same berth. Secondly, the AC coaches have a night bulb with dim light attached to the seat. This helps the baby sleep well, as babies get uncomfortable and start to cry by seeing darkness.

A couple of toys: Carry a few toys with you to keep your toddler away from boredom on the train. Luckily, if you get a lower berth, let your toddler play there. However, keep an eye on your toddler’s activity to prevent any fall or accident that happens due to imbalance.

Food in Train: Generally, kids do not eat much during their train journey; still, carry some finger foods and homemade snacks for your kid(s). Avoid giving outside food no matter how much hygienic it seems to be. Additionally, carry enough water to drink for your child. The water facility in the train is still not so compatible with children’s health.

Other important things to note are:

  • Kids below the age of 4 months should avoid taking a train journey as they are susceptible to infections.
  • Do not let strangers touch or carry your kids.
  • Be careful when eating or drinking. Avoid unclean food sold at station premises.

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