How to teach a Keyboard to a child in just 30 mins?

How to teach a Keyboard to a child in just 30 mins?

Watching someone play the Keyboard is not only exciting, but it also makes one think about learning. And so it happens with our children, too. But teaching how to play the Keyboard is not everyone’s cup of tea. Moreover, not every musical brand holds the finger of its user to teach right from the basics. Thus, many parents ignore the child’s interest in learning any musical instrument.

The keys, sounds, and rhythm make every child go crazy. However, as stated earlier, the excitement goes in vain due to the lack of proper knowledge.The brand, Yamaha Music India Pvt. Ltd., focusing on the child’s needs and curiosity to learn music, has introduced their PSS series of Keyboards, especially for the kids aged 2 to 7 years old.The PSS series features beautiful sound with high quality material designed for small hands. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to hold, making it great for your little champ to discover the best music. Keeping in mind the necessity of developing fine motor skills in children, Yamaha PSS Series has vehicle sounds, animal noises, and other exhilarating sound effects to help your children learn while having fun. It also features an advanced mode that asks children to guess the right notes of the sound.
In short, the Yamaha PSS series has got everything that a young maestro looks for. Additionally, it has a built-in speaker and headphone jack and can be operated via battery or USB power adapter.
The excitement doesn’t stop here. Yamaha PSS Series inspires the musicality in children and thus to make them maestros, they are supporting their users with easy to learn PSS Tutorials online video. Now you can teach your child how to play the Yamaha PSS series Keyboard in just three simple steps.
Step 1: Buy Yamaha PSS Series as per the child’s age.
Yamaha PSS Series is available in two different age categories for children.
● Remie PSS-E30 brings a unique experience of playing Keyboard with fun for 2 to 5 years old children.
● PSS-F30 is a masterpiece for kids of 5 to 7 years old. With the help of this, kids can also enjoy Indian music along with some western beats.
For more information on Yamaha PSS Series, please click here.
Step 2: Register with Product’s Serial Number
Every Yamaha PSS Series Keyboard comes with a unique alpha-numeric ten-digit serial number printed on the back of the Keyboard. You must register at the Yamaha PSS Tutorial website mentioning all required information.
Step 3: Receive Thank You with Link to PSS Tutorials
And lastly, upon submitting the form at the Yamaha PSS Tutorial website, you will receive a ‘Thank You’ mail directly at your email address mentioned in the form. Along with an email, you will also receive a link to PSS Tutorials. And you’re done!
Isn’t the whole process so simple? Yes, with Yamaha PSS Series.

So, bring music to your child’s ear and let them be perfect for playing.

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#activityforchildren #childlearning #bostingchilddevelopment


#activityforchildren #childlearning #bostingchilddevelopment

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