Constipation: Why Is It Happening During Pregnancy?

Constipation: Why Is It Happening During Pregnancy?

Having constipation during pregnancy is quite common. Constipation in pregnant women isn't staged bound. Some women suffer from constipation in their early stages of pregnancy whereas, a few develop constipation in their later stages.

A few common causes of constipation during pregnancy include:

• Supplements

Iron supplements consumed during pregnancy can be one of the reasons for your constipation. They lead to black-hard stool and abdominal pain due to constipation.

• Hormones

Progesterone is the hormone to be blamed for causing constipation in pregnant women. Progesterone leads to the relaxation of the bowel muscles. This can slow the digestions process, keeping the food for a longer time in the system.

• Low fiber diet

Fiber-rich foods play a vital role in digestion. Including fiber-rich food in your diet is a must, especially during pregnancy. Women with a low fiber diet tend to suffer from constipation as their digestion process takes longer and waste elimination is slower.
Low on water/liquids

Keeping yourself hydrated is another important dietary factor that supports proper digestion. Water helps the softening of the stools and their smooth passage. Dehydration can lead to impaired digestion, hence leading to constipation.

• Low physical activity

Physical activities as simple as walking can support your digestion and keep you away from constipation. Being low on physical activity during pregnancy can lead to constipation.

• Pressure on your intestine

The growing fetus in the uterus can lead to an increase in the size of the uterus. This can lead to pressure on the intestine, hampering the smooth passage of the bowel.

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