8 Weird Things Babies Do

8 Weird Things Babies Do

8 Apr 2022 | 3 min Read


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Babies are funny and full of oddities that grown-ups can never understand. Watching babies doing weird activities can be hilarious and adorable, and at times they can be strange, challenging little beings. Here are some odd and weird things they do growing up and making natural discoveries.  

Farting, all day long

While it is common for an individual to pass gas from 6 – 20 times a day, adults are better at being discreet about it. However, a baby has no concept of concealment. He farts all day long, without hesitating about anything, sometimes even leaving you embarrassed. But, if you see your little one to be uncomfortable while passing gas, make sure to check with your pediatrician. 

Putting everything in the mouth

Eating random stuff off the floor is one of the few common things that all the babies do. For them, everything they find is a game. Dirt, sand, small objects, or any other thing that they find will be in their mouth. This stage of the baby’s development is called oral exploration and it is a long stage. So, make sure that the things that a baby can choke upon are out of his or her reach. Inspect the floor thoroughly before putting the baby down to play.

Sucking on their toes

As weird and absurd and impossible it may sound, it is true. As soon they have learned to grasp things, every chance they get, they will be grasping their feet in an attempt to suck on their toe or to swallow the whole foot.

Making funny faces

Babies have an abundance of emotions and they are never too sure how to express it. So, they end up making weird faces that are sometimes too funny to watch. This also happens as they are developing their facial muscles.

Sticking out tongue

A child’s curiosity has no measures. They are curious about everything around them and even themselves. If your child is sticking out his or her tongue too often, then it means that they have just discovered another body part and are trying to play with it, as they do with any other toy.

Weird crawling styles

When a baby learns to crawl, it is a huge achievement for him and he develops a crawling style that is entirely personal. Some babies crawl on their belly, and some may even crawl backward; and that is completely normal, though really weird. Watching your baby crawl, as he or she unfolds the mystery of the movements, is a guaranteed amusement.

Banging their heads

Babies often show an odd behaviour of banging, rocking, bobbing, or rolling their head. It usually happens when they are sitting on their high chair and start banging their head. Babies express their discovery. Babies also display this sort of behaviour to cope with the teething pain or to release the built – up energy. It also aids in their sleeping.

Dropping and throwing things

Babies keep on dropping things like toys and rattles all the time. They will keep on throwing it again and again right after you pick it up and give it to them. Their ulterior motive behind this is to simply get your attention. So, don’t just simply hand the item back to them but while giving it back try to play with it or talk to them for some time. 




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