FAQs on Breastfeeding: What should a Mother do if her baby is really not getting enough milk?

FAQs on Breastfeeding: What should a Mother do if her baby is really not getting enough milk?

In such a case, the mother should stay close to the baby at all times. She should cuddle her as much as possible and make the baby sleep with her. She should offer the breast to the baby whenever she shows and interest in suckling. But the she should not force her. Some babies suckle better when they are sleepy. The idea is to stimulate the breasts by frequent suckling.



The mother should also see if her breastfeeding position is right. If the baby is positioned properly on the breast with enough of the areola in her mouth. She should make sure that the child breastfeeds on her and, after that, if she is convinced that the baby is still hungry she should express her breasts and offer the milk to the baby in a cup or a bowl. If that is not possible, the baby might be given half strength cow or buffalo milk from a cup or a bowl after the breastfeed. Never replace a breastfeed with an artificial feed as far as possible. Diluted feeds leave the baby hungry, so she is more willing to try to suckle. But do ensure that the baby is not starving. Check the urine output and the weight gain.



Green Motion does not necessarily mean that the baby is not getting enough milk. If the baby is gaining weight, is active and passes urine normally, green motions are normal. The So' called 'starvation stools' are seen in an emaciated child who passes traces of green mucus in place of normal stools. This baby does not gain weight and looks miserable.


Source: Book - Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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