A list of books and activities for a growing toddler

Apart from the types of books that I have talked about in my previous articles – Children's books for 6 months+ child and Activities and books for a growing infant, there are Flip the Flaps and Lift the flaps that my son enjoyed, the only catch with these was that they had to be board books, because sometimes in his enthusiasm he managed to pull off or tear the flaps. Most of these books give ample scope to emote, introduce a variation of pitch and talk about daily life. The intrigue factor of what is there behind the flaps fascinates little ones and the beauty is that they enjoy it even more in successive reading sessions.

Flip the Flaps

Both my husband and I are avid readers and, we wanted to give it an honest shot to try and raise a reader, but these books have fascinated us equally if not more than our toddler.

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If you are considering buying books, check out at a bookstore in your city.

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This is so well written.

Same I also keep engaged my baby with flip flap books since he was 8 month...I got it from my friend who is actually pre loved books books through whatsapp...

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