5 Foods To Boost Kids’ Immunity In Winter

5 Foods To Boost Kids’ Immunity In Winter

21 Jan 2022 | 3 min Read

Manisha Pradhan

Author | 56 Articles

Those of us living in warmer climates look forward to the winter season. Cool-weather, conversations over warm cups of chai, sitting in the winter sun, snuggling in warm, comfortable winter clothes, or enjoying winter special foods.

But with winter comes winter-related illnesses. The cold weather spares no one; adults and kids alike. Kids are more prone to runny noses, flu, cold, and cough during winter.

In addition to that, the fear of the new strains of COVID-19 has got all parents worried. As long as we take precautions, follow safety rules and make sure we feed children immunity-boosting foods, there is nothing to fear.


What Does the Immune System Do?

The immune system defends our body against all kinds of infections, bacteria, toxins, diseases and helps it recover from illness and injury. A strong immune system keeps kids healthy.

5 Best Immunity-Boosting Foods

There are a variety of foods that help boost your child’s immune system, especially during winter. Add these to your kids’ daily diet to keep them healthy during the cold season.

1. Dry Fruits & Nuts

Nuts and dried fruits are full of nutrients that benefit the body

Dry Fruits and nuts are said to be warm. That’s the reason why it’s recommended to consume them during winters. Nuts and dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, figs, raisins, dates are full of nutrients that benefit the body. They contain healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Some of them also contain vitamin c, which is an essential immunity booster for kids.


2. Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges and amla are great sources of Vitamin C

Make sure to add at least one citrus fruit to their daily diet during winter. Winter is the season for oranges and amla (Indian gooseberry). Both are great sources of vitamin c. Vitamin c helps keep cold and cough away. It also helps keep secondary infections that come along with a cold and cough at bay.


3. Sweet Potatoes

Children love sweet potatoes so add this nutritionally rich winter vegetable to their diet

Another winter food that is nutritionally rich and available especially during winter, is the sweet potato. It is high in fiber, potassium, vitamin A and C. Since it’s sweet, children usually love it and also make great first food for babies.


4. Jaggery

Jaggery defends the body against infections like cold and cough and also helps indigestion

Image Source: shop.jivabhumi.com


Most Indian houses include jaggery in their diet during winter. That’s because jaggery is yet another form of natural warm food.

It defends the body against infections like cold and cough and also helps indigestion. You can substitute jaggery for sugar in your kids’ diet during the winter season.


5. Spices

Spices are full of antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties

Clove, turmeric, black pepper, and cinnamon are some of the spices that are good for keeping diseases away. They can also be used to treat colds and coughs. These spices are full of antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. It’s a good idea to include these spices while cooking food for children.

Your child may not like eating one or more of the foods listed above. Check out some recipes to know how you can add these foods to their daily diet. There are ways to make these foods appetizing for the fussy little eaters.


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