Top 5 Hacks for toddlers that you should know!

Top 5 Hacks for toddlers that you should know!

A toddler in the house can be one of the most stressful as well one of the most enjoyable phases in a parent's life. So that get a good balance between the both, here are a few hacks for you!

1. Always ensure that your toddler is not hungry before you are going out or you sit down for any activity. Toddler tantrums are at its worst peak when they are hungry or sleepy!

2. When you travel, look for a resort or location, which has ample green spaces to run around, or one which has a play area. Physically active toddlers are the happiest as they need to release their high energy at all times.

3. Never laugh at, or ignore, when he is trying to speak to you in broken words or mixed up languages. He is trying to be like you, so you must listen to him if you want to be their good friend when he grows up.

4. Forget about being mess-free! Amidst the chaos your toddler is creating, he is learning many new skills. Let him play with the dough, paint all over the house, splash water, or mess his hands up in sand or mud.

5. Involve your toddler in household chores – cleaning, dusting, cooking, loading washing machine and more. Not only do they feel engaged, they feel confident that they are doing something by themselves! Moreover, it's 1000 times better than asking them to sit quietly at one place which is just not what that age is meant for!

Don't miss to record the cute expressions, the jabbering, sometimes, the anger, the emotional surges and no matter what you do, back it up with a tight, warm hug!

Happy parenting!!


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