Quick Snack Box ideas for Kids

Quick Snack Box ideas for Kids

20 Nov 2015 | 2 min Read

Nandini Aravind

Author | 50 Articles

Every Moms dilemma in the morning is what to pack for the little one’s snack box? Choosing a healthy option is always a must and due to the time crunch, we Moms always find ourselves reaching out to some not-so-healthy choices sometimes. Here are few quick, simple snacks that you can pack for your kid’s box.

1. Stuffed Parathas:

Be it Paneer, Aloo or even an Egg paratha, these are a hit with the kids and easy to make as well.


2. Classic Sandwiches:

Every Mother swears by these, sandwiches can never go wrong. Play with different fillings from chicken & mayo, or egg sandwiches and even simple vegetable sandwich with mint-coriander chutney. It’s easy to eat and isn’t messy.


3. Paniyaram/Padu

A South Indian favorite; Padu is made out of idli or dosa batter. It can be made very healthy by adding grated carrots, onions, coriander leaves. A Padu pan is a must for preparing this dish.


4. Home Baked Goodies:

If you love baking, then there are a variety of yummy snacks to choose from – be it muffins, cakes to sweet breads or savories like Spinach and Mushroom quiche, or tarts etc. Moreover the children usually love these the most!


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