A Complete Guide To Finding The Right Bra Before Pregnancy

A Complete Guide To Finding The Right Bra Before Pregnancy

16 Feb 2022 | 4 min Read

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Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for a woman. It involves many lifestyle modifications, some of which may make you more conscious and anxious about everything you do. 

The changes you must make throughout pregnancy begin with the food you eat and progress to your sleeping habits and the clothes you wear. Innerwear, which is sometimes overlooked during pregnancy, requires a completely different style. Continue reading to find out what sort of bra is ideal for you when you’re pregnant.

Is Wearing a Bra While Pregnant Safe?

Bras are very safe to wear during pregnancy. However, at this critical period, you should wear a different sort of bra that is more comfortable. Pregnancy bras, also known as maternity bras, are expressly designed to provide comfort and support to women who are expecting.

  • When shopping for maternity apparel, most mothers-to-be opt for nursing bras rather than maternity bras because they may be worn while breastfeeding the baby.
  • It can be uncomfortable to wear a bra that is too small for you. It’s difficult to predict how much your breasts will grow during pregnancy and breastfeeding because each woman’s body is different and will alter in different ways: some mothers acquire one cup size, while others gain three or more. As a result, wearing well-designed bras and tank tops 

 Measuring your bra size periodically can help you choose one that fits well


Since your body is continually changing and expanding during pregnancy, you may need a new bra sooner than you think. As your pregnancy progresses, you should continue to measure yourself. It’s vital to keep in mind that your size might fluctuate by up to three cup sizes, so measuring periodically can help you choose one that fits well. This computation is the first and most significant stage in determining a woman’s uniqueness.

  • It is best to try on the bra after being measured to ensure a correct fit. This will also allow you to try on various bra characteristics such as hooks, full-drop cups, clips, material, form, support, discretion, and so on.
  • To ensure simplicity of usage, unhook the strap clips with only one hand when trying on the bra. This is a crucial feature because you’ll need to open and close them with one hand only when holding your infant daily.


 Make sure the bra is composed of a light, breathable material

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The bra you choose during pregnancy should be: 

  • Well-fitting: It should be neither too tight nor too loose, and it should give your breasts adequate support. After a few minutes of wearing the bra, check for any marks on your skin. A well-fitting bra should not leave any strange marks.
  • The right fabric: Make sure the bra is composed of a light, breathable material (preferably cotton). Fabrics that stick to the skin, such as synthetics and lace, should be avoided at all costs.
  • Adjustable Straps: It should feature adjustable straps to offer optimal comfort and support as your breast size changes.
  • Correct Bra Hook Position: The bra hook must be in the correct position. It should not be at the upper back since hooking and unhooking it will be tough.
  • Stretchable Bras: Wearing bras made of stretchable fabric that can support your expanding breasts is a good idea.
  • Avoid Wired Bras: Because the breasts are enlarged and sensitive during pregnancy, the bra should give adequate coverage. They must not be hardwired or underwired in any way. Wearing an underwired bra during this time will not harm you or your baby, but the wire may irritate your already sensitive breasts. By the second trimester, many women had switched to non-wired bras.
  • Broader Straps: You should wear bras with wider straps during pregnancy since they are more sturdy and prevent the strap from digging into your skin.
  • Cup Size: Pregnancy hormones cause the breasts to expand significantly starting in the second trimester. You’ll need bras with larger cup sizes at this point to provide both support and comfort.
  • Light bras that provide support and keep the breasts firm are recommended during this phase.


Pregnancy is a period when the mother-to- be’s hormones are spiking and her body is changing, making routine chores difficult. Choosing the appropriate pregnancy bra is essential for comfort during this period.




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