Viral Tiktok Post On The Size Of Epidural Is An Eye Opener

Viral Tiktok Post On The Size Of Epidural Is An Eye Opener

21 Feb 2022 | 4 min Read

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It’s become common for a large percent of expecting mothers to get spinal anesthesia or epidurals during childbirth. Perhaps that’s the reason why Miami-based medical students Hansel Viera and Dr. Carlos De La Hoz thought it was necessary to educate women via a TikTok post that has become viral and how!


The post which has over 13 million views shows the different sizes of epidural needles used. They have shown three different needles and asked viewers to determine which one is the correct size of the epidural needle. No points for guessing. The biggest one sadly is the right one!


This viral video has left new mothers in a bit of a shock because of the size of the needle. Hopefully, now everyone will understand the pain that mothers have to bear while giving birth to a baby. Mothers need to be accoladed for sure!


“Epidural needles are long so that we get better access to the epidural space. The most common question is, ‘Does it go all the way in?’ And the answer [in] most cases is no, but again, it varies from patient to patient,” says the medical student in the viral video.


The response that the video has received proves how there is a lack of awareness regarding things like women’s health care, especially epidural. Here are some basic things you need to know about epidural.

Epidural helps to lessen the pain of contractions during childbirth

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What Is Epidural?

It is the most common type of anesthetic used to relieve pain during labor. An epidural is a numbing medicine given by injection in the back to numb any feeling in the lower half of your body. 

This helps to lessen the pain of contractions during childbirth. It can be given to you by your physician either in the beginning, middle, or the end of your labor. 


How Does Epidural Help?

The advantage of an epidural is that it allows you to be alert and awake to experience the labor and also feel the pressure during the birth of your child.

In other words, you will be able to feel contractions during labor minus the pain that comes with it. It also allows you to feel pressure to push when it’s time to deliver your baby.

Epidural allows you to be alert and awake to experience the labor

What Are The Side Effects Of Epidural?

While epidurals are completely safe, there are some side effects as with most medication. 

  • Headache: In some cases, epidural may cause a headache since the needle pierces the spinal cord covering. This can last up to a few days.
  • Lowers blood pressure: There are some chances of the medication decreasing your blood pressure which is often treated with IV (giving extra fluids through a tube that’s inserted into your arm). A decrease in blood pressure may slow down your baby’s heart rate.
  • Sore back: Since a needle is inserted to administer the medicine, your lower back may feel sore for a few days. However, there has been no evidence of any kind of permanent back pain due to epidural. 
  • Bladder control issues: You may not be able to feel or sense when your bladder is full leading to loss of bladder control. It will come under control once the effect of the epidural medicine wears off.
  • Nausea: Though not very common, some may feel sick post epidural. This is usually treated with anti-sickness medicines.
  • Itchy Skin: The pain-relieving medicine used during epidural can sometimes end up making you feel itchy. Your physician might prescribe some medicine to help the itching or change the medicine used in the epidural.

Your physician or anesthesiologist is the best person to discuss the treatment options with, for all the side effects.


While our grandparents or parents had little or no option to bear the pain of labor and childbirth, pregnant moms today are lucky enough to have modern medicine to help them through the pain. But all said and done, mothers need to be worshipped for taking the pains to bring a brand new life into the world!


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