Babywearing Flashmob – a dream come true!

Babywearing Flashmob – a dream come true!

Turning 30 can be tough…! I know, it's just a number, but for some reason 30 seemed A LOT older than 29!!! I am a two-year-old mom, and I wasn't terribly excited about turning 30, because even though parenting is a joyful journey, it comes at the cost of losing yourself.

I found myself continuously brooding 'haven't done what I thought I would!'. I thought being a mom would be glamorous, only to realize that it involves hordes of messy diapers, food all over the rug, and tantrums... I am a big fan of to-do lists and my to-do lists are never-ending because keeping a toddler happy and having two hands free is an art! So, one day while I was going about my list, I scribbled some wishes on a pink sticky-note. No lofty goals, but simple, doable bucket-list for my 30th year (Like, being part of a flashmob or getting a tattoo or going vegan…). It felt good and I pasted it on my laptop!

Little did I know that the first thing I would check off my list, will be a flashmob, with a special twist? Well yeah, I was going to be part of India's FIRST EVER Babywearing Flash Mob, which meant that I was going to be able to dance with my baby. As the famous quote goes, 'Children and mothers never truly part - Bound in the beating of each other's heart - Charlotte Gray'.

The Flash mob was a fun way of showing how much you can do while still holding your child close, being hands free and having a happy baby!

I was surprised when my child started matching steps with me in the middle of the gig. Dance, music, crowds cheering and a baby cuddled in a mom's embrace, it was a perfect power packed weekend, celebrating the International Babywearing Week 2015, in Bollywood style!

Babywearing changed my life and I am sure there are other families out there, who can benefit by wearing their babies, who can chose baby wearing as their lifestyle choice.

Without a doubt, I am feeling loved, supported, and incredibly grateful in my thirties…!

Here is a glimpse of India's First Babywearing Flash-mob Video, go cheer for baby wearing mommies and babies!

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