3 Movies You Should Watch With Your Child This Weekend

3 Movies You Should Watch With Your Child This Weekend

Nothing spells magic for a child like a beautiful movie. The right kind of movies can help fire your child's imagination, create an emotional connect and also help her understand the various social and emotional situations like none other. It also could be a good family bonding time. So, Here's a list of movies that your child and you can enjoy this weekend, and perhaps even learn a thing or two along the way.

1. Toy Story:

Your child will love this one! Not just because of the toys that come alive every time no one is around, but because of the subtle lessons it will leave your child with. This sweet movie about a cowboy toy called Andy and a space ranger toy Buzz, will not only bring a smile to your child's face, but will also teach her the value of friendship and accepting every individual for who they really are in their own wonderful way. If you must go the animation route, then you can't miss this delightful cinematic offering by the Pixar studios.

Age: 3 years and above

2. Home Alone:

Who doesn't remember the iconic 'KEVIIIIIIN' scream or the absolutely adorable but mischievous child in this movie! You have a million reasons to share this movie with your child. For the laughs, the sweet moments when Kevin misses his family and even for the clever tricks that save Kevin in tricky situations. Although it was made in the 80's, this movie will still resonate with every child who watches it for its simplicity and master storytelling technique. Believe us; your child will want to watch this one over and over again, and every time the paint can hits the villain's head, you will hear peels of laughter reverberating in your living room. Do you need another reason to watch this one?

Age: 6 years and above

3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's stone:

If your child hasn't heard if this iconic movie character or has not experienced his world of magic yet, then don't wait another minute. This magical story will enrapture your child and transport her to Hogwarts in an instant. The flying brooms, the messenger owls and the Santa Claus look alike Professor Dumbledore are just a few reasons to unlock the magical world of Harry Potter for your child. And don't be surprised if he is standing in front of you the next day with a wand in his hand and saying 'Stupefy'. It's just the Potter effect!

Age: 8 years and above


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