6 Amazing Pregnancy facts that you may not know

As an expecting parent, you're bound to think about what the baby might be going through in the different stages of pregnancy. Along with the foetus there are some amazing things that happen to the mother's body as well! While you will get the expert advice and must-know information through the tips on our APP or, our collection on #PregnancyMustKnows, here are a few fun facts (other than what the scans or doctors tell you) that might interest you!



So try and talk to your baby when you sense that she is not happy :)



Don't worry, you will get enough opportunities to regain your shape once the baby is out!



And these fingerprints are directly related to the brain development. Ask around for a Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test after your baby is a year old. It will tell you some amazing facts about your little one.



Eat whatever you want your child to eat as he grows up! You don't want a fussy eater later, isn't it?



She probably doesn't need them until she's out. After all, you are her life force giving her all the oxygen she needs. Breathe deep always – good for you and your baby!



This fluid acts as a shock absorber too, to protect your baby from any jerks.

Each of these nine months are one of the biggest wonders on this planet. Have an amazing and safe pregnancy! :)


Source: FB page General Knowledge (Did You Know)


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