10 Creative Ideas For The Perfect Family Photos

Around any festive season or during family outings, it's the perfect time for shooting family pictures and creating memories to cherish. Here a few inspirations for your family photos to make those memories last forever.

1. Color Coordinate

Wearing right can greatly enhance an image. Go for colour co-ordinated outfits for all family members (white, black or grey solids work best). Siblings in identical outfits look absolutely adorable.



2. Explore outdoors

Parks or other outdoor locations on lovely winter mornings make for great backdrops. Blooming flowers and foliage are interesting elements for pictures.



3. Frame it Up

Frames are a great prop for family pictures. Kids can have fun peeping through the frame or just monkeying around or, you can simply use it to 'frame' the family.



4. Bubbles of Joy

Bubbles work for people of every age. You can use bubbles to get some candid moments or catch some genuine happy smiles. You can blow, you can catch, you can burst the bubbles or just use them for a dreamy background.



5. Giggles galore

Nothing warms a heart more than a picture of laughing children. Tickle them, play peek-a-boo or sing a rhyme to get the kids to giggle.



6. Swing in the air

Swinging is a fail-safe trick to get the kids to laugh. Swing them in the air to make them crackle and capture those expressions for a memorable keepsake.



7. Throw 'em up

Another favourite thing for family pictures is tossing kids in the air for the heartfelt excitement and laughter. It comes out as a winner always!



8. Go minimalist

Minimalism is beautiful. Take simple pictures sans any prop with your kids at their natural best to emphasise the beautiful bond you share with your family.



9. Playing is fun

Indulge in activities with your kids and capture the candidness of the play time fun either indoors or outdoors in the park. Include the burst of colors to make eye catching images.



10. Say it with a chalkboard

Chalkboards are excellent elements to add punch to your family pictures. You can include fun, quirky or simple messages on the slate or just get the kids to hold up 'Happy Family' board for the picture perfect shot.



Hope you find these ideas inspiring. Go ahead, click a beautiful life!


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Aliya Shaikh

perfectly family photo shoot

Ashika Imthiyaz

Gud ideas..?.!

suchismita patro

I have captured all these moments with my angel

Rhituparna Mitra

Lata Hirwani Aliya Shaikh Ashika Imthiyaz Would you be interested in booking a photoshoot for your families?

Kala Shaper

Your ideas about the capturing memories with the families have to be really best to ever I will apply now. Some are old but some are new in the ideas for the photos on thehttps://edubirdie.org/ website every family have these ideas to be applied.

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