How a music class at even 6 months can do wonders for your child?

How a music class at even 6 months can do wonders for your child?

22 Dec 2015 | 2 min Read

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At BabyChakra, we are passionate about everything to do with children! Especially things which let them have fun yet helps them learn a whole lot! MUSICAL BONDING, a very interesting mother-toddler musical activity class, does just that. We walked up to Aditi Shah, who brought this concept to India (Mumbai), and had a quick chat with her on what it is all about.

Interview with Aditi Shah, Founder, Kids Club


Q: What is musical bonding all about?

A: Musical bonding is a music and movement class wherein, with the help of parents’ participation, we enter the world of child’s imagination in a fun way. While children are having fun, they are also learning because they open up and start feeling secure. Most importantly, they feel happy and that’s when their brain opens up to absorb.


Q: For what age group, is the class appropriate?

A: Well, children as young as 6 months can roll and those up to the age of 5 years typically enjoy the class.


Q: What do you do in a typical class?

A: We try to make each class very unique. But we do have a few constants, like we always start with ‘I am so happy’ and we end the class with ‘Goodbye’ and a lullaby. Kids like to have a routine and the moment we start ‘I am so happy’ they know the class is starting and get pepped up to join us.


Q: Where do you get all the props and music from?

A: We manufacture most of the instruments we use in our class.


Q: Where do you have classes in the city?

A: Currently we have 14-15 centres across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. For more information, you can look up on BabyChakra.


To view a snapshot of the class or hear parents’ testimonials, watch this Video

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