<strong>9 Best Baby Skincare Products For The Winter Season</strong>

9 Best Baby Skincare Products For The Winter Season

9 Feb 2023 | 8 min Read

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Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for parents. Even though this season brings much-needed respite from the heat, it also brings along a host of health and skin issues, especially for babies.

Skin and hair specialist from Mumbai, Dr Ram Tainwala says dry skin is one of the most common issues faced by infants and kids during winter. He says “As per the latest studies, about 50% of children face the problem of dry skin. Earlier this issue was mostly seen in western countries but as per the studies today most urban Indian kids also face the issue of dry skin,” he adds.

From dealing with runny noses, colds, coughs, dry skin and lips, parents are plagued with the constant worry about ways to protect their babies in winter. But there’s no need to take on so much stress. We’ve done the homework for you and put together a list of winter special baby care products that are easily available on Flipkart, so your little one is protected from the harsh winter.

9 Best Baby Winter Skincare Products

Lip Balm 

Babies have very delicate skin and tender lips that can get chapped easily during winter when the weather is dry and cold. Besides that babies tend to lick their lips while breastfeeding and this causes the lips to crack because of constant friction. Another reason for dry lips in babies is the sun’s harmful rays during winter.

It’s advisable to keep their lips protected during winter with a natural lip balm, that is devoid of all chemicals and toxins. It nourishes their lips and keeps them well hydrated.


Dr Ram advises parents to keep their babies well covered and protected when stepping outdoors during winter months. You may think that your toddler is safe from the sun’s harmful rays while he/she is indoors but the sun’s strong UVA rays during winter can penetrate through glass windows as well. While the glass can block the UVB rays, the UVA rays cannot be stopped from penetrating the glass. Even a small amount of UVA rays can affect your toddler’s skin.

This is why it’s important to apply sunscreen to your toddlers even while they are indoors. The sun’s rays can cause damage to your baby’s skin and that may sometimes lead to serious issues like skin cancer.

Choose a sunscreen that has a Non-Nano formulation, like the BabyChakra sunscreen which is available on Flipkart. This formulation ensures that the particles aren’t absorbed into your little one’s skin but sit comfortably on top of it while protecting their delicate skin from sun damage. 

Moisturising Baby Wash

Dr Ram says “Harsh soaps should be avoided while bathing a baby, instead, use a natural moisturising wash for babies, since their skin is delicate and tender and can easily get dry. A moisturising baby wash cleanses the baby’s skin without stripping the moisture off and also keeps it well hydrated.


Moisturisers are an essential part of winter skin care for kids as much as they are for adults. Winter can cause the skin to become dry and flaky, and moisturisers help to keep the skin well-hydrated and also provide relief from flaky and itchy skin.

According to Dr Ram, the sooner you start moisturising your baby, the better, and it should be mandatory. However, he adds, “Make sure the moisturiser is baby safe, natural and free from chemicals, toxins and fragrances.” He also recommends moisturising a baby immediately after their bath.

Baby Shampoo

“During winter shampoo should be done post-oiling of the baby’s hair. This should be followed once or twice a week. Make sure to use only a mild, natural baby-safe shampoo for kids,” he notes.

Natural baby shampoo not only helps to keep your child’s scalp clean without stripping away natural oils during dry winter conditions, but it also strengthens your child’s hair. Newborn babies, only need plain water to wash their hair in the initial few weeks after birth. You can start using a natural baby shampoo once your baby is four to six weeks old. 

As your baby grows older and has a full head of hair, use a little more shampoo to get their hair clean. Since babies have thinner skin than adults, it dries out much faster than adult skin, so choosing a gentle, baby-friendly shampoo helps to keep their skin from getting dry and itchy.

Diaper Rash Cream

Dr Ram recommends using cotton cloth diapers in the initial first weeks after a baby’s birth. He says that most babies get diaper rashes when they wear soiled diapers for too long. 

He says that even if the baby has not soiled the diaper enough, it’s better to change the diaper after every few hours to avoid rashes. Adding, “A baby’s diaper should be changed frequently and the diaper area should be cleaned thoroughly and dried after every diaper change. It’s best to buy diapers a size bigger than your baby’s actual size as it lets the diaper area breathe.”


Having a baby comes with a host of responsibilities and choosing the right and safe products is one of those. Like all other products, it is very important to choose safe baby wipes for your baby’s daily use. Throw-ups, pooping, and drooling are some of the things that all babies do and using baby wipes is a convenient way to clean the mess. 

Natural baby wipes have become an important part of daily life for many parents and are a must include in your winter skincare routine for babies. Natural bamboo wipes which are easily available on Flipkart, are superabsorbent and extra gentle on babies. Pick baby wipes infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like aloe vera, almond oil and vitamin E. Natural baby wipes are gentle on the baby’s skin and keep the skin hydrated while preventing any allergies.

Mosquito Repellent Spray

Mosquito bites can be itchy, painful, and extremely uncomfortable, especially for babies as they have delicate skin. Besides that mosquito bites can even cause serious illnesses like dengue and malaria. A natural mosquito repellent body spray that gives 8 hours of protection from disease-causing mosquitoes.

Choose a mosquito repellent spray that is free from toxins including synthetic fragrances that might lead to a wide variety of health issues in babies including hormonal imbalance.

Adding a natural oil to your baby’s massage makes it easier for you to massage the baby while the oil soothes the baby’s skin/ Image source: freepik)

Natural Baby Massage Oil

Baby massage plays an important role when it comes to a baby’s health, development and well-being. From better blood circulation to benefitting the digestive and nervous system and motor skills, and bonding with your baby, massaging a baby with natural baby massage oils like the BabyChakra Nourishing Baby Massage Oil is the best thing you can do for your baby.

Adding a natural oil to your baby’s massage also makes it easier for you to massage the baby while the oil soothes the baby’s skin. Dr Ram recommends using coconut oil for massaging a baby’s skin. Choose a natural one that is cold-pressed, extra virgin, 100% unrefined, non-deodorised and unbleached like the BabyChakra Coconut Oil For Babies is the best oil for any type of skin. Coconut oil has been used for centuries, especially in India, as it is known to soothe dry and itchy skin, reduce scars as well as provide relief to tummy aches in babies.

Your baby’s hair too needs extra care during winter and once their hair enters the new growth cycle, it is important to massage your baby’s hair regularly, especially during winter. Frequently oiling your baby’s scalp with a baby-friendly hair oil provides enough moisture to the scalp which tends to become dry during winter and also provides nutrition to the scalp for better hair growth.

Dr Ram Tainwala’s Quick Winter Skincare Tips For Babies

  • Massage with a natural oil before the bath
  • Give them quick showers
  • Use only lukewarm water
  • Avoid soaps
  • Moisturise immediately after bath

Winter can be a difficult season for babies, with dry skin and other health issues. Make sure to take steps to protect your baby by using these products as these products help to keep their skin and hair healthy, hydrated, and protected from the harsh winter weather. 

It’s important to choose products that are natural, free of chemicals and toxins, and safe for babies. With the right care, babies can stay healthy and comfortable all winter.



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