9 Habits You Should Steal From Your Toddler

9 Habits You Should Steal From Your Toddler

19 May 2022 | 4 min Read


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We’re always trying to teach our kids. But does anyone ever talk about what we could learn from kids if we stopped trying to fill their brains with the “right” habits? Well, like everything else, it’s a two way street. Parents! You’ll be surprised how much you could actually learn from your toddler.

1. Saying No

The one thing that you probably find the most troublesome about your child is when she says no. “Eat your vegetables?” “no” “Have a bath?” “no” “Say sorry?” “no.” Maybe not in the same context, but saying no is important. When people try to make you do something you don’t want to do, to benefit themselves, you’ve got to learn to say no. Nobody knows and lives this more than toddlers do.

2. Laugh

Learn to laugh more. If you find something funny, don’t always hide it (unless it’s offensive). Laugh out loud at the top of your lungs. Learn to find the amusement in different situations. Kids laugh at the smallest things, it’s true, but at the end of the day, they’re so much happier than adults are. We could all take away from this one.

3. Take Risks

Kids do stupid things all the time. But they do things they want to do; Things they know they might get in trouble for. They do it because they feel like they’ll achieve something out of it. This is important. We often have many inhibitions because of the fear that it’ll flop. But not doing it will keep you stuck where you are. Don’t be afraid to take risks to get what you want.

4. Have Fun

Find different ways to have fun. Kids are the best at doing this. They find entertainment wherever they go! Find ways to have fun in any situation. This is a sure shot way of reducing the amount of stress that builds up. Have fun in your work, in your social life, at home, everywhere. It’s guaranteed to give you a healthier life. (More fun = lower blood pressure)

5. Sleep

If there was an award for napping, all our kids would probably win it. But they might actually be on the right track. Taking power naps when you need it can help you rest your brain and relax your mind. It can refresh you so that you can take on the rest of the day with a renewed energy.

6. Play

What’s harder than getting the little one to eat her veggies is getting her to stop playing and come inside. Kids love to play more than anything else in this world and a lot of this playing is physical activity. Physical activity is healthy for the human body. Engaging in physical activity releases hormones which help prevent stress and free up your mind and body.

7. Help Please

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your toddler probably doesn’t hesitate before he/she cries or whines for help. They’ve got the basic idea right. Nowadays, people tend to be too proud to ask for help. If not proud, they don’t. Well, asking for help isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Everyone could do with a little help once in awhile. Remember, man is a social being. We need each other.

8. Forgiveness

The best thing about kids is that even if they’re mad at you one minute, the next minute they’re probably giggling in your arms. They don’t hold grudges and dole out forgiveness freely. This is something that we, as adults, struggle with quite a lot. Just remember that you have nothing to lose by forgiving people. What’s the point? Forgive and forget.

9. Say What’s On Your Mind

One thing we’re all quite hesitant to do is say what’s on our minds. This isn’t a feature you’d see in your little devil. Kids have no filter. The say anything and everything. Though this could be annoying at times, it’s quite helpful when it comes to understanding what they want and why they’re feeling the way they’re feeling. It keeps the lines of communication open, which is one of the most important parts of any relationship.

Live life and have fun. You only live once, so take a few lessons from your kids on how to live right.











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