Why must you give your child Pulse Polio drops?

Dr Subash Rao, an experienced pediatrician and an expert on the panel of BabyChakra explains why pulse polio vaccination drive is important in India.


Pulse polio is a campaign started by the Government of India with the intention of eradicating polio from our country. The campaign involves to giving oral polio vaccine to all children below the age of 5 years on designated pulse polio dates, irrespective of whether the child has taken polio vaccine in the past. When all children are given pulse polio on one particular day, the wild polio causing virus in the community is replaced by the safer vaccine virus which is not harmful. The pulse polio campaign has been instrumental in making India Polio free since the year 2014.


Frequently Asked Questions by parents


Q. My Child has taken all the vaccines from my Paediatrician, Should I still take it?

A. Yes, very much. This is for your own child's safety as well as for the community.


Q. Is it safe? the Oral polio drops given door to door?

A. Yes, it is absolutely safe and does not cause any side effects.


Q. My child received vaccine just yesterday. Should I give pulse polio?

A. Yes, you should take it.


Q. Can I skip the pulse polio given at my doorstep and take it from my Paediatrician?

A. Nowadays the Pulse polio vaccine is slightly different from the regular oral Polio vaccine, hence it is better taken on those pulse polio dates at the government authorized polio vaccine booths.


Q. Can I give pulse polio if my child has mild cold, cough?

A. Yes.


Q. Is repeated taking of Pulse polio important?

A. Yes, it will only strengthen your child's immunity against polio.


Q. What if I miss one Pulse polio doses?

Try not to miss as far as possible. However, there is no need to panic. You may take it on the subsequent dates.


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Rosina Menezes

s pulse polio today In pune

Manvi Bhandari

is pulse polio is given today in pune?

Shital Sangle

pulse polio ahemednagar maharashtra me hai kya

Rakhee Sharma

This is so well written.

Arunmalathi Murugan

I wish I knew this before

Sangeeta - Racharla

I wish I knew this before

Sangeeta - Racharla

I wish I knew this before


I used to visit nearby shopping malls. They have polio booths

Shital Sangle

pulse polio aurangabad maharashtra me hai kya??? plz help me...Priya Sood mam


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Hi..my baby is 33 days old and he has take all vaccines in hospital at the time of birth. Should I still get him polio drops?

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