What Beauty Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

What Beauty Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

28 Dec 2015 | 3 min Read

Dr Diptimayee Sahu

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Pregnancy is the phase when every woman loves to be pampered! who would mind a Especially a refreshing pedicure or a soothing massage is so irrestible when the back pain builds up or the feet can’t take the weight anymore! Before you indulge, it is important to know which treatments are safe for you and your little one at this stage.


1. Manicures and Pedicures:

Inform your pedicurist about your pregnancy because there are certain reflexology points that may trigger contractions and even pre-term labor. Apart from that, some nail polish fumes tend to make to-be-moms nauseous, so it is better to use pregnancy safe nail paints.



2. Facials:

Given your hormonal changes during pregnancy, facials can be very relaxing and refreshing too! However, it is important to be careful of what methods are you using. Procedures like Aromatherapy, chemical peels, hot stones, and electric stimulation are best avoided while pregnant.



3. Waxing:

Due to the change in your hormones, body hair is likely to grow at a faster rate. Even though your skin may get more sensitive and it may be a ta bit more painful, it is considered a safe process.



4. Hair Dye:

Chemicals found in hair coloring products are absorbed by the scalp and may prove to be harmful to the fetus. Although a debatable topic, it is advised by most Obstetricians to wait until the 1st trimester. Another alternative can be using natural and organic products or highlighting your hair instead.


5. Tattoos or Piercings:

Not much is known about the effects of the chemicals in tattoo dye on pregnancy. The major concern lies in the risk of contracting infections like Hepatitis B and HIV (due to a possibility of the needle being infected), and so it is best if you hold on for a while.



6. Massage:

Massages during pregnancy are said to help in anxiety and depression as well as reduce muscle and joint pains. It is very important though, that the masseuse knows about your pregnancy and avoids too much pressure at critical points. These massages use specially built tables that provide support and indentations for the belly.



7. Teeth Whitening:

These procedures are not recommended during pregnancy. Try to use more natural methods, such as a strawberry and baking soda paste. In fact, some regular dental procedures must be avoided during pregnancy (If you must, ask your dentist).



8. Sauna:

Well this one can cause hyperthermia, which is abnormally high body temperature, increasing the risk of birth defects in the first trimester. Along with this, steam rooms, hot tubs and Jacuzzi tubs should also be avoided.