How my Child has changed me?

How my Child has changed me?

There is a saying 'Everything changes when you become a mother.' Sure, everything in my life changed after the birth of my child and more than anything else, I changed. I started looking at things from a new perspective i.e. a spiritual one, where purpose of life is more than fulfilling my own needs. Earlier, my life was a rush to acquire things (i.e. education, career, fame, money), the more the merrier, but now life is more about being present and enjoying each moment, as it comes.


In the initial days, weeks and months, the unending feeding and caring schedule of my child made me feel worn out. I still remember I was sleep-deprived; there was no 'me' time in my whole day; getting some peace while eating or taking bath was hard to find. I was completely lost, but now I can see that those testing times have taught me lots and lots of patience and perseverance.


As the days passed, I realized that this little one, who has come through my body, has a spirit of his own. The very trials and struggles that I face in bringing up my child also make me strive to become a better person. So, in the last four years, I've tried and tested all means to remain calm and gentle even in situations, where it seems impossible. Every day brings new learning for me on 'what to say, how to say and when to say' so that it make sense to my free-spirited child.


Now, I'm more aware of my thoughts, feelings and behaviour, as I can see how my state of being has a direct impact on my child. As, children learn by watching us, I make sure that I reflect the qualities I want to see in him and become a happy, compassionate and productive member of the society.


Besides, making me emotionally mature, motherhood has made me flexible and adaptable, where I try to work out in any given situation in spite of unexpected challenges that come my way. I know motherhood is a tiring experience, where I'm on duty 24/7 but then I also get the best pay and rewards for it- my child's love, cuddles and unlimited kisses.


Though, sometimes I feel my 'before child identity' got lost somewhere in taking care of my child but then motherhood has also ushered me to a path of new discoveries. I feel my child has enhanced my life in so many ways and made it more fulfilling and satisfying.


My child is my greatest blessing, as he taught me how to love unconditionally and live wholeheartedly. I now know how to live life to the fullest- by being present, enjoying moments of pure love and joy, and making wonderful memories with my child.

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