5 Must-have Apps for parents

5 Must-have Apps for parents

Parenting is challenging and any amount of information may prove less! Given our highly phone-dependent lives, having useful tips through an APP may bring some relief.

Given the sheer numbers, finding the right one which meets your needs can be rather difficult! Here are the top 5 parenting related apps for new parents which I have selected based on their popularity, uniqueness, information offered and most of all its user-friendliness.

1. Baby Pack & Go

Baby Pack & Go is an extensive packing and travel checklist tailored specially for parents and caregivers. It has a catalogue of things and items that will be needed for a toddler during travel. You can create customised lists as well.

Unique Features:

Extensive master catalogue of baby and toddler related items.

Create flexible customised lists.

Very easy to read, shows packing status.

Can email and share list with family members while travelling.

Price & Availability:

Rs 60/-

Available on Apple App Store and Google PlayStore

2. WebMD Baby:

WebMD Baby APP is free and helps new parents with all the questions related to sleeping, nursing, growth and development and others. The app takes advantage of its huge database of medically relevant information from its parent company to guide parents through their problems.

Unique Features:

The app has over 300 articles, 600 tips and over 70 videos.

Weekly guide on Baby care and development.

Baby book to capture key milestones and photos.

Medical advice and Q&A videos by doctors.

Exclusive help for Dads

Price & Availability:


Available on Apple App Store and Google

3. BabyChakra

BabyChakra, a platform for young parents is aimed at this growing section of the tech savvy populace. The Babychakra App is an unique one wherein it allow moms and dads help make better decisions or choices by connecting them to other new parents, experts and reviewed services.

Unique Features:

The app currently features around 10,000 local services and has a reach of 2.5 lakh parents on a monthly basis.

Personalised access to reviewed local services. (ONLY Parenting APP that allows parents to review and recommend child care services)

Offers daily tips for pregnant mothers as well as to young parents with children upto 2 years.

Offers over 1000 informative articles on all aspects of child care and development especially health, nutrition, learning and development.

Live chat option to help connect with top experts and doctors.

Mothers can sign up as MomStar and become part of the best Mom's club in town with exclusive rewards and privileges!

Price & Availability:


Available on Google play store.

4. 23snaps

23snaps is a free, private social network and photo sharing service for families that allows parents to save photos, videos, stories of their children to a digital journal and privately share those updates with other family members or close friends.

Unique Features:

Makes sharing pictures with family so much easier.

Completely safe way to share pictures without uploading them on to social media as only people you invite can see the pictures.

Create stories of your kids' milestones in a digital journal.

Price & Availability:


Available on Apple App Store and Google play store

5. The Bump Pregnancy app

The Bump Pregnancy app provides a week-by-week pregnancy tracker, making your pregnancy journey easier.

Unique features:

Clear, simple, user friendly design.

Can take belly photos and later view them as a slideshow.

Price & Availability:


Available on Apple App Store and Google play store

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