5 Must-have Apps for parents

Parenting is challenging and any amount of information may prove less! Given our highly phone-dependent lives, having useful tips through an APP may bring some relief.

Given the sheer numbers, finding the right one which meets your needs can be rather difficult! Here are the top 5 parenting related apps for new parents which I have selected based on their popularity, uniqueness, information offered and most of all its user-friendliness.

1. Baby Pack & Go

Baby Pack & Go is an extensive packing and travel checklist tailored specially for parents and caregivers. It has a catalogue of things and items that will be needed for a toddler during travel. You can create customised lists as well.

Unique Features:

Extensive master catalogue of baby and toddler related items.

Create flexible customised lists.

Very easy to read, shows packing status.

Can email and share list with family members while travelling.

Price & Availability:

Rs 60/-

Available on Apple App Store and Google PlayStore

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Comments (8)

Sujata Patodia

Hi not able to get the app baby pack & go. pls help

Nandini Aravind

Hi Sujata.....if you just google it...im sure you'll get an option to download the app. Try it...

Neha Khare Gupta

Would like to add Babycenter; app to this list

hashmeet kaur

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Amardeep Kaur Mann

Yes baby centre is very gud app

Châhât Kâkwanî

Hii... m not able to find the bump app in app store..... is it not available in ios??

Ho Lee Schiet

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