The Brightest Stars: A Tribute to one of our Top MomStars – Prachi Arora!

The Brightest Stars: A Tribute to one of our Top MomStars – Prachi Arora!

Our Mom Star recently reached a Milestone of Half a Century Reviews! Here is our tribute to the wonderful Mom who cares for her child and helps out other Moms through her reviews.

On Parenting:

I just love being a mom, every day I learn something new from my li'l gal. From the Day 0 till today, my little gal keeps on surprising me with her never-ending cute and innocent activities. Her unconditional love, hugs, kisses...I can do anything to have them. Parenting can't be taught, it's hard and that is why I love it. After all, it's not all about teaching your kid, it's about learning too.

My daughter loves acting on rhymes and her favorite rhyme is from Barney'I love you' and the best part is she gives me lots of kisses and hugs when she acts on this rhyme.

I Love BabyChakra because..

I'm sure BabyChakra is a lifesaver for every mother out there. BabyChakra provides each and every information, which a mother can think of - parenting articles, yummy food recipes, kids' events and most importantly real moms' reviews on child related services. Babychakra always helped me to take decisions for any service which is related to my kiddo. A few days before I was confused as to which indoor play area is good for my toddler. But then, BabyChakra came to my rescue and I made up my mind after reading mom reviews for indoor play areas listed on the site.

Here are Prachi's best reviews:

1. Dr. Pooja Gupta

2. Dr. Aloka Gupta

Prachi has also been contributing to the articles section on BabyChakra. Here's the link to a recent one on ideas for children's room storage.

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