5 ways to manage Libido changes during Pregnancy

5 ways to manage Libido changes during Pregnancy

11 Jan 2016 | 3 min Read

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

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Pregnancy is a stage where your hormones totally lose it. They run haywire and create so much of a havoc that it’s difficult to feel or behave your usual self. Often during pregnancy, couples experience changes in their desire for love making and sexual energies. Due to changes in hormones, women either become very high on libido or sometimes their entire desire of being touched dies away, creating too much of a discord between partners.

If you or your partner is going through any such phase, this article is for you!


1. Do Not Insist Too Much

Sexual urges are often very strong. If your partner (husband or even wife) are not willing to participate in any such activity, try and understand their situation and do not push them to participate. While a wife may be under humongous changes, a husband may be worried about harming the wife or the little one by mistake. Either ways, the level of fear is too much to handle. Allow your spouse their space.


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2. Empathize with your Partner and don’t get upset

It can be very upsetting when your desires are very strong whereas your spouse is just not willing to participate. It is only natural to feel upset and angry and react adversely in day-to-day situations. Do try and understand their situation as that may make them unwilling to participate in sexual activity. Reacting adversely will only worsen the situation and further create distances and miscommunication between partners.


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3. Avoid Indulging in activities that enhance excitement

One may try to get in to activities that provide heightened pleasure, only to excite one even more, leading to even bigger levels of disappointment. You may want to control heightened energies instead of adding fire to fury.


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4. Do whatever is possible

If involving yourself or your spouse in an entire act may seem difficult, then engage in whatever is possible. You may want to cuddle, hold hands, engage in some bit of foreplay or simply spend some personal time together. Never shy away from any such activities, as they often bring in more peace and affection in to the relationship, than shying away from them does.


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5. Make your partner feel special

No matter what, your spouse still loves you. This is something you need to remind yourself and your spouse always. Do make efforts to make them feel special. Consider going out on a lunch date, watching a movie together, rubbing each other’s back, planning surprises and giving gifts or simply do any activity that involves both of you spending some quality time together, without having any one else around. Let them know that one may have their apprehensions about indulging in a sexual act, but love is eternally bliss :-), going on and strong every minute.


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Relationships are dynamic and often need a lot of work. There are good times as well as bad times and the best thing one can do is to try and strike a balance for as much as you can!

Stay in love, stay blessed!


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