Top celebrity parents who made babies using tech!

Top celebrity parents who made babies using tech!

12 Jan 2016 | 2 min Read

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Technological wonders are not unusual in this century but having babies using state-of-the-art technology is truly special!

Diana Hayden, ex-miss World has just had a baby out of an egg which was frozen 8 years ago! She could focus on her career for these 8 years, and opted for motherhood when she wanted to. A go-to option for many a modern-day working woman, if interested… Women who have issues conceiving spontaneously are also advised to take this route and has been medically possible for a few years now.




Diana is not the first celebrity to have been in news for becoming parents this way. King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan had his youngest baby through IVF surrogacy in 2014.




Earlier in 2011, a bold announcement was by Aamir Khan, stating that his wife Kiran Rao and he had a baby through IVF surrogacy. That was the first-of-its-kind announcement in which a celebrity was vocal and accepting about it.




Infertility specialists have, since then, sprang up in nearly every lane in metro cities. But the success of freezing an egg, sperm, an embryo itself or being able to transfer a live embryo in another woman’s womb is worth celebrating! A revolution indeed for the cause of humankind!


We, at BabyChakra, in our own little way, try to help want-to-be-parents plan a baby through a series of articles by experts or moms who have gone through it. All leading names in Mumbai and Bangalore are listed with us too!


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