Things Every Mom Is Guilty Of (But May Never Really Admit)

Things Every Mom Is Guilty Of (But May Never Really Admit)

This one is more of a confession – yes, I'm a mom and I have done a lot of things that as per the Mom bible, I shouldn't have. But I found my courage and I am going to admit them here… and I know most of you will raise your hand a little, smile to yourself and say, 'Hey, I have done that too'


1. Ate a chocolate that was hidden from the children and no one else knew about!




2. Stayed awake till late killing time on the phone, woke up late in the morning complaining kids were up and you couldn't sleep well! (Come on, be honest, you have all done this one!!)



3. Got your husband to babysit the kids for some ME-time with friends, just to get away from the kids.

4. Spending too much time grocery shopping when the kids are home, just because it's important to be updated with all the new brands of tissues in the market!

5. Let them watch TV for a few more minutes because I was Facebooking!



6. Just cooked whatever and claimed that you have tried a new recipe. (I feel everyone is bored of cooking everyday!!)

7. Cried because of no reason at all… Crying like crazy without a reason!



8. Gone into the other room with hubby dearest in the middle of the night (well, you wouldn't want the kids to get a free show and be shocked all their lives! :-))

9. Have binged upon high calorie or junk food saying you are stressed out



10. Lied to the children (I am sure you have!)

11. Purposefully instructing your children in English when other people are around saying 'sit down, darling!! Good boy!' when at home all you say is 'abbey baith ja, TV nahi dikh raha!'

12. Have purposefully hidden their loud toys because they irritate you like hell, even when they are your kids' favorite toys! Sworn to give an equally loud and obnoxious gift to that relative who gave that toy to your kids!! (That's how they'll learn what not to give to other children, HUH!)

13. Sat inside the washroom for extra time just because it is s peaceful and pleasant in there!




14. Proclaimed how difficult your life is managing your kid and your husband and your maid all by yourself, and that the maid is always on leaves and that your kids are extra naughty and that there so much of a pile of chores always on your head – all just to dodge that shaadi ka invitation from the Gondia wali maasi (I could have reconsidered the invite, is the party were somewhere nearby!!)


Honestly, the list is endless but it's nice to just jot down a few occasionally to introspect as a mommy! If you had a good laugh reading these self-proclaimed confessions, share it with other moms too!

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