Easy DIY Nail art for your little girls

Easy DIY Nail art for your little girls

18 Jan 2016 | 3 min Read

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There were three things that fascinated me during my childhood- books, the beach and nail paints! Since a toddler, I wanted to put the pinks, reds, glitter on my nails at every possible opportunity (I would have definitely added some blue as well but Frozen was not there at my time). I see this revisited many times when young girls visit Starfish Kids Salon and request and plead to their mothers, if they can put nail paint or get nail art done once, just once!


I thought why not put down an easy to follow Do-It-Yourself colourful nail art that all moms can paint for their daughters (and themselves) on special occasions and have lots of fun! All you need are just nail paints (any three bright colours), a dotting tool (or a toothpick), the base and top coat.


Step 1: Gently file your child’s nails to give it a uniformed look (don’t go too short). Apply the base coat.



Step 2: Paint the finger nails with white colour. If your child is very small, you may want to use non-toxic nail paints to avoid any chemicals.



Step 3: Once dry, take a bigger size tool (or you can use the back of a toothpick) and make two or three (depending on the size of nails) blue colour dots in a straight line in the middle of the nail.



Step 4: Make similar dots on either side in orange and pink.



Step 5: Now using smaller dotting tool (or the pointy side of toothpick) fill the gaps in between bigger dots by making smaller dots in a similar straight line in the same colours. We have used orange, blue and pink to create rainbow polka dots. You can use any bright colour combinations like blue, green and yellow or purple, yellow and green, using her favourite colours.



Step 6: Let it dry for 30-40 seconds and finish with a good quality top coat. In case you are using non-toxic nail paints, avoid using any base or top coat.



Your rainbow polka dot nail art is ready! You can easily do it on your little one’s nails before a birthday party or do it together for that extra little fun when having ‘Mommy and Me’ time!


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