7 Tips for your home’s deep cleaning before your baby arrives

7 Tips for your home’s deep cleaning before your baby arrives

21 Jan 2016 | 3 min Read

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Every new parent is paranoid about keeping their house extra clean for the new member of the family. But often while looking at the bigger picture we tend to overlook a lot of things that need to be paid attention too. Here are a few tips you may have forgotten:

1. Pre-wash baby’s clothes:

Regardless of whether your baby clothes are store bought or hand me downs from friends and family, you must wash them before they are worn by your little bundle of joy. You never know how what it has come in contact with and whether your child will have sensitive skin or not. This little activity to wash, fold, and put away all these tiny clothes that smell of baby detergent is sure to make you want your baby in your arms sooner than your due date!

2. Hand sanitizer:

Stocking up hand sanitizer is almost an essential when you have a baby at home. Nothing you touch is germ free and it’s rather difficult to keep washing your hands every 5 minutes, but this is certainly not going to come in the way of your child’s health. It is also a good idea to make people use it before they hold your child.

3. Wash your linens:

This includes the sheets, clothes, towels, blankets, curtains and other upholstery which the baby may come in touch with. Consider using organic or baby safe detergents to avoid any rash on your newborn’s skin.

4. Baby’s toys:

If you have done up your baby’s nursery, bought a play gym, rattles or any other toys, it is very important to clean all your baby’s toys. Even though the newborn hasn’t learnt to put it in her mouth, she may touch it and then put her hand/fingers in her mouth. The toys go through many hands and disinfection is critical. You can use a simple mix consisting equal parts of water and white vinegar to do the job. Else buy a cleaning agent for baby articles, by a brand you trust.

5. Pest control:

Termites and insects are the last things you want with a baby in the house. The best time to get a professional pest control done is about 2 weeks prior to your due date, and make sure you leave the house for the recommended number of hours after the procedure.

6. Professional cleaning:

There are a few things in your house that are best, if cleaned professionally, such as your rug, carpets, wooden floors and tiles. Or even the chimney, fans, air conditioner and other such things that is not part of the daily cleaning ritual. Your baby will be on all their fours crawling before you realise, which means that every ground surface in your house has to be spick and span. Clean surfaces also improve the air quality of your home.

7. Air Purifier:

This one is a relatively new gadget on the block but may be worth the money to install before your precious one arrives.

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