Why you must allow your child to paint as soon as he walks?

Why you must allow your child to paint as soon as he walks?

Throw in colors in a child's life and you are sorted! They not only love it, it helps them create, imagine, play, learn and do much more! Paints of different kinds are a must-have in a young child's activity calendar.


Painting contributes to the aesthetic sense, improves motor coordination and enhances concentration. A parent can give an opportunity to their child to paint around the age they can walk. Once they are ready, provide large canvases, a drawing easel or pieces of paper you can put on the floor. If it is the baby's first time painting, briefly demonstrate basic brush strokes. No need to correct them. Let them paint whatever they wish. Children can use fingers, sponges or other similar objects. Make sure the paint is not toxic, in case the child decides to taste the paint. Let them explore and express themselves.


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