Tips to allow your baby move freely around in the house

Introducing a floor bed to an infant allows him to move freely and independently. By comparison, a crib limits movements and bounds the independence of a rapidly growing child, making him feel helpless. Initially, placing a baby to sleep on the floor mattress may raise questions about safety. One can carefully babyproof the child's nursery while on their hands and knees, on level with the child's eyesight. One should make sure that there aren't any hazards that could harm the child. Since movement is linked to the development of a young baby's brain, giving the child freedom to move around while sleeping facilitates a healthy development.


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hello I don't understand

My baby still not yet rolling what will i do...

This is just in time

Wow...we already live in this setting for the baby which prevents falls...although he has had occasional bumps while trying to climb out of the mattress...but that's ok ...

disadvantages of crib was explained.

My baby not rolling over yet..:/

We r putting him on tummy then he slowly trying that is a awesome moment while seeing our child trying for crawling but still couldn't but soon he will..

This is exactly what I was looking for.

This is just in time

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