Highlights of chat with Dr Ragini Agarwal: Antenatal and Post-natal care – Part 4

Highlights of chat with Dr Ragini Agarwal: Antenatal and Post-natal care – Part 4

27 Jan 2016 | 3 min Read

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Q. You can resume intercourse after 40 days of your normal delivery.

A. Good to know that you are thinking in terms of a family planning method to avoid unwanted pregnancy. IUCD is a very good contraceptive agent. If you have normal delivery you can get inserted into it after 45-50 days of your first period after delivery. And after C-sec, it is better to have it after 6months when your stitches have properly healed. Although now, the govt. is recommending IUCD insertion just after delivery of baby, which is called PP IUCD insertion. But my recommendation as I advised.


Q. I am 32 weeks pregnant, is it safe to travel by train for 12- 13 hours?

A. Travelling should be done only if it is unavoidable or necessary, because sometimes you can have premature pain and premature delivery. If you really want to travel, you should postpone it by 2-3 weeks so that your baby is mature enough.


Q. I have completed 37 weeks. What exercises will ensure a smooth vaginal delivery?

A. Our goal for delivery is a healthy baby and healthy mother. For a normal delivery, it is very important to have an active body and mind by both the patient as well as the doctor. But in between, a normal vaginal delivery to abdominal delivery there are lots of ifs and buts. Such as weight of baby, position of baby, size of your own bony pelvis. Any medical disorder, opening of the mouth, baby’s heart rate during delivery, or any passage of meconium by baby. But if everything is normal, with the help of exercise and good antenatal care. You can achieve a normal vaginal delivery. Wish you a pleasant pregnancy & all the best!


Q. Should I exercise now being 12 weeks pregnant?

A. If you have never exercised, even you can strat exercising during pregnancy but slowly and gradually, you have to build your stamina. Always start exercising in supervison of a trained antenatal physiotherapist and don’t overdo it. Exercise is a wonderful thing to make your journey smooth! But before that you should take a clean chit from your OBGYN


Q. I am a little scared, this is my first baby,what diet would you recommend me.

A. During pregnancy diet plays an important role for a healthy baby. And your own health also. You require a balanced diet with high protein, vitamin and lots of fluid. Your diet should consist of milk, pulses and if you are non-vegetarian, then more of egg whites + 1 yellow per day and at least two to three times fish and chicken in a week. But limit intake of fatty fish not more than 2 times a week, since it has high content of lead. You should take at least two fruits in a day + 2 bowls of salad + 2 bowls of green vegetable + include fruits with different color in your diet so you can have variety of minerals and vitamins in your diet. Sprouts is a good way to get a combination of all of them. But if you take sprouts from the market don’t take it raw. At least 8-10 glass of water is a must. I also have an article on this on  Babychakra, you can check that out.


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