13 Candid Confessions of a Working Mom

13 Candid Confessions of a Working Mom

26 Jan 2016 | 3 min Read

Rhituparna Mitra

Author | 19 Articles

Being a working mother is like a constant battle between shifting the guilt from the child to the workplace and vice-versa. Here’s what I feel on a daily basis!


1. Others may feel I am well-informed, updated and in charge of my career. May not be so. The FACT is I don’t get time to even read the newspaper! And on my way to work and back, I am always reading parenting articles on the phone!


2. Yes, I pamper my maid a bit more than probably stay-at-home-moms do. That’s because none of my employers will ever grant me leave for absence of my maid. It’s out of the policy!


3. When someone gives me advice on spending quality time with my child , I ask them to fit something into an hour or 2. As that’s all I get with my child in the evening- which includes playing in the park, feeding, story-telling, tantrums & occasionally some TV (even though I try to reduce it as much as possible)!


4. I try hard not to carry the burden of unfinished office work to home, or the memories of my child’s crying or smiling face to work. It’s incredibly difficult – but I try that all the time. In the process, 10-15% of time gets lost just managing my mind.


5. Yes, my husband carries out some parenting tasks (bathing, dressing up) on a daily basis. I feel resource crunched when he is travelling. But I do fight with him over the fact that I think about our child more than he does 😉


6. I can do whatever the daycare folks say. Yes, that’s my lifeline. They take care of my daughter and keep her happy. I am not ashamed of the fact that I value them most over any other relative.


7. I feel terribly upset when any useful activity class schedules it before 7 pm on a weekday.


8. The greatest moment of the day is and will always-be – the moment when my child and I meet each other in the evening. That hug and smile can’t be replaced with a whole day’s togetherness!


9. No, I am not spoiling my daughter by buying her toys or DIY activity materials. I am conscious of her values but I am just trying to let her have fun by herself!


10. I don’t ever think twice about delegating household tasks to anyone else that I know, even if at a cost. I truly treasure the time spent with my child – to show love, play with her, teach her and feel just being her mom and nothing else!


11. On days that my child throw’s tantrums, I feel I am wiser and happier than stay-at-home moms to have decided not to spend the entire day with her! Must be so tough…isn’t it?


12. After the waking up hassle, both of us love getting dressed up and going out whether it’s a weekday or weekend.


13. It feels fabulous when I see her learn something which I have not taught her 🙂


As they say, the grass is always greener  on the other side. So enjoy the fruits of your decision, whether a full-time mom or on-a-double-duty-mom! Mommyhood was never meant to be easy in the first place.


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