Meet Anuradha, A Mom Who Dreams of Cakes!

Meet Anuradha, A Mom Who Dreams of Cakes!

1. My Mom Quotient:

I consider myself a very easy going mother, since I allow my kid to do anything freely. Although a bit protective, I encourage my son to be curious and seek answers in his own way. My son is a very talkative kid, which sometimes frustrates me, but also one of the many strong points that I love about him. I scold him when it's needed and love him more every time. I am still learning to be a mother and it is this journey that motivates me to keep improving in all aspects so that I can be a better example for my son.


2. My Mom Inc. Story:

After marriage, sitting idle at home made me more passionate towards cooking and baking. Being a creative person, I thought of implementing this creativity into something that I love doing. Baking gives me a sense of peace and calmness and also something I can do without neglecting my son and family and spending my valuable time with him. I generally work in my free time or when my kid is sleeping or in school. Being appreciated by my family, keeps me motivated to work more efficiently and delivering quality products.

I started with baking for my family and friends and last year in Jan 2015 started my own home venture professionally by the name Dream Cakes.



3. Who inspired/ supported me:

My husband and family supported me both emotionally and financially by encouraging me to pursue my passion professionally. Without their constant support and appreciation, I would not have been able to take this journey ahead.


4. Advice/tips:

My advice to all new mom entrepreneurs would be to price their products/service according to their market and target audience. Word of mouth as well as social media are the best free tools that you can use to promote your products. Striking a home and work balance is also must. Don't let your family get neglected and make use of your idle time more effectively.


5. I love BabyChakra because it's a great platform for all mothers to find information about the well-being and growth of a child.

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