A Stunning Prenatal Photoshoot Of A Baby!

A Stunning Prenatal Photoshoot Of A Baby!

20 Apr 2022 | 1 min Read


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We’re standing at the pinnacle of technological advancements, which have opened a doorway to seeing the unimagined miracle of human life- your baby in the prenatal state.      

Did you know, by the eighth month, your placenta weighs as much as your baby! Moreover, the length of the umbilical cord is as long as your baby. When the baby is born, he weighs 3.4kg and is 20 inches long.

After birth, the baby is usually pink or light blue in appearance and they change colour within their first week into the real world. Some babies also tend to change the colour of their eyes.

Here’s a series of mindblowing photographs that will illustrate the development of a baby in the womb:

It is spectacular, isn’t it?