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Know All About Affirmative Parenting

Know All About Affirmative Parenting

21 Mar 2022 | 5 min Read

Reema Shah

Author | 644 Articles

Parenting is both challenging and rewarding all at once. So when in a bad mood it sounds very normal to snap at kids. However, with the affirmative parenting style, there is a practice of conscious parenting by using phrases that may have long-term benefits such as better parent-child communication.

Read on to find out more about the parenting style-

What Does Affirmative Parenting Mean

Affirmative parenting is not a set of rules which parents need to mandatorily follow but it consists of a set of beliefs that will help raise the consciousness of both the child and the parent. It consists of affirmative phrases which lead to long-term benefits such as a feeling of acceptance for your child, mutual self-respect and a sense of calm and balance for parents. 

Conscious parents tend to connect and interact with their children more emotionally because the bond is built on empathy. It helps them develop their true identity and deepens the child’s trust in the world. This, in turn, helps children connect more with their parents since they are accepted for who they truly are.

What Are Affirmative Phrases?

Affirmative parenting is a positive form of parenting that gives the child the scope to make mistakes / Image credit – Pexels

They’re positive statements that a parent uses to spark a thought or an idea, allowing the child to modify his or her choices and behavioural patterns through encouragement and motivation instead of fear.

How Does Affirmative Parenting Work

Affirmative parenting style is considered to be one of the best ways / Image credit – Pixabay

There are several parenting styles some of which are authoritative, permissive, authoritarian and uninvolved.

Affirmative parenting aims to make your job easier and more enjoyable. It is not a parenting style that consists of endless theories and warnings about all the things that could go wrong between birth and your child’s entrance into adulthood. It is based on simple common sense and is designed to provide a positive set of directions.

Rather than excessive punishment for bad behaviour or mistakes, there is a positive reinforcement of good behaviour. Everyone, including children, want to know the way forward and gain success. They want to learn how to lead a happy life. 

Parents accept their children’s decisions and give them the scope to make mistakes and learn. So rather than “No, don’t do that”, you say “Yes, do this!” 

The parenting style focuses on the importance of creating an autonomous environment. Hence giving the child space to make many of their own decisions while keeping clear boundaries. 

While you balance safety and freedom, your child gets the opportunity to explore both physically and creatively. This empowers them at what they do as they have a safe “home ” to return to.

Children can be difficult and will test you to see your reaction which can push your limits. 

Benefits of Affirmative Parenting

One of the benefits of affirmative parenting is that kids have a higher self-esteem / Image credit – Pixabay

A stronger bonding between parents and children

As a result of this approach, behavioural development techniques help to increase the trust between parents and children. Positive parenting makes children have positive conversations more frequently with their parents making the bond a strong one. 

Effective communication

This approach encourages a positive and pleasant conversation with your kids instead of talking in a harsh and negative way. Encouraging the kids to openly talk about their feelings, thoughts and beliefs makes the communication effective. It also guides them on how good feelings and happiness can be spread with good behaviour choices. 

Higher self-esteem

Your kids are happier and have more confidence in doing anything. Since you give them the freedom to make their own choices and decisions while making them feel safe, they tend to be more independent.

Furthermore, giving them the freedom to choose what they want to do, helps them choose their best interests allowing them to excel at what they do.

Positive example for kids

Your behaviour reflects on your child and it is inevitable for them to not take up your habits. Hence, your kids learn the same values and do those things in their relationships and as parents as well. 

Negative behaviour does not stick around

Parenting becomes tougher when their kids have negative behaviour in them! As parents, you still need to set control limits for your kids and their negative behaviour can be problematic. However, with affirmative parenting, you are encouraged to adopt positive alternatives instead of negative actions.

Enhances mutual respect

When both parents and children are able to balance the relationship, the relationship is built on respect. Both parents and children respect each other.

For a good parent-child relationship, it is important that both sides are able to communicate freely. Affirmative parenting style ensures that the child finds home a safe place to share things hence building a better relationship.











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