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  • Alia Bhatt Gives An Update On Daughter Raha’s Developmental Milestones, Says “It’s One Of Her Cutest Habits!” 
Alia Bhatt Gives An Update On Daughter Raha’s Developmental Milestones, Says “It’s One Of Her Cutest Habits!” 

Alia Bhatt Gives An Update On Daughter Raha’s Developmental Milestones, Says “It’s One Of Her Cutest Habits!” 

11 May 2023 | 6 min Read

Sudeshna Chakravarti

Author | 799 Articles

Witnessing their little bundle of joy achieve their developmental milestones one by one can be a memorable experience for new parents. In fact, many parents love to document their baby’s milestones so that they can cherish them for years to come and also show snippets of these special memories to their children once they grow up.

Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt, who welcomed her daughter Raha with husband Ranbir Kapoor last year, recently opened up about her little one’s developmental milestones. And guess what little Raha has been up to? She is enjoying lots of playtime with her parents and also making some of the cutest gestures and expressions.

Read on to know what mamma Alia had to say about her darling daughter’s development.

Alia Shares Raha’s Sixth-Month Developmental Milestones

Alia, who recently appeared in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, revealed that baby Raha has started touching her face when she feeds her. The excited mama stated, “My little one started touching my face and I think that’s the best thing that has happened to me recently.”

Alia also added, “When I am feeding her, she takes a minute to look up at me, and then starts touching my face. It’s like the most romantic moment between us, and literally, the best thing that has happened to me in life.”

The new mum also opened up about her motherhood journey and said, “Every day is a new day with my daughter, and every day I get to experience a new expression or gesture from her.” 

She ended by saying, “Motherhood has taught me a lot of patience and it has definitely given me a sense of calm and stillness. While it’s still highly demanding, I go through every challenge with patience and that gives me a lot of strength.”

While your baby’s developmental milestones may seem exciting, you may also want to learn about why they are doing a certain gesture or expression. Read on as we give you all the deets on why babies grab their mum or dad’s faces, and other sweet milestones that you should watch out for.

Why Is Your Baby Grabbing Your Face?

Your baby could be grabbing your face for quite a few reasons. Some of them include:

  • They want MORE attention: Babies love plenty of attention and they greatly value eye contact. So they may garb and touch your face for you to look at them and shower them with extra love.
  • They are trying to explore: As their sense of touch develops, your baby may start touching or grabbing your face. In this case, touching your face becomes crucial as it helps their fine motor skills to enhance.
  • They are trying to express their joy: Your baby could also grab your face as an expression of excitement or joy. They are just happy you are cuddling them or giving them extra love.
  • They want to be closer to you: When your little one simply wants to be close to you, they may touch or grab your face to initiate eye contact. Make sure to respond to them by smiling back or babbling silly words.

Cute Baby Developmental Milestones New Parents Should Watch Out For


When to expect it: 3-6 months

By this age, your munchkin would have heard a dozen people laughing. They would also have more control over their vocal cords to realise that they can laugh too. But don’t be surprised if your baby laughs in high-pitched squeaks or just a simple heh-heh. Their larynx is still small and they don’t have great control over it.

Just savour this ultra cute phase while it lasts, because, by your baby’s first birthday, their laugh will sound much like your own.

Blowing Raspberries

When to expect it: 4-6 months

One of your baby’s first forms of communication starts with blowing raspberries. It indicates that your infant is experimenting with their mouth, which further goes hand-in-hand with speech development.

So if you are awaiting this milestone, get close to your baby’s face and blow raspberries at them. This will encourage them to imitate you and slowly try other sounds and words as well.

Eating their feet

When to expect it: 4-9 months

While it may be strange finding your baby sucking their toes, it is considered an important milestone. This behaviour just indicates that while your baby’s hand movements aren’t coordinated yet, they are eager to learn about their surroundings. 

So this means that your baby may put things in their mouth, including their feet to explore objects near them. But don’t be discouraged or concerned, as this phase usually resolves on its own.

Blowing Kisses

When to expect it: 10-12 months

By now you would have sent plenty of kisses your baby’s way, and now they may even blow you a kiss back. Being able to bring their hand to their mouth is a major development too and as your baby gains more control over their hands, they may put their palms to their lips and flick a kiss at you.

Also, there’s more! Your baby blowing you kisses displays that they are trying to be affectionate, which is a sign of healthy emotional development. 

Playing Peek-A-Boo

When to expect it: 12-15 months

You would have been trying to play peek-a-boo with your little one for months now. First, you would have just received their confused stares and then their cute little smiles. But don’t worry, things are about to change now.

By this time, your baby will join in or even start the game themselves. It signifies that they are trying to learn about object permanence and also explore your expressions and gestures through the game. 


We are so happy to see Alia sharing frequent details of Raha’s developmental milestones with us. Keep in mind that every baby is different, and while some may achieve their milestones early, others may take a while to catch up. Hence, instead of panicking, soak in these little moments of joy before your little nugget crawls into toddlerhood.

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Cover Image Credit: Alia Bhatt / Instagram



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