are you worried about your baby’s sleep here’s how not to be!

are you worried about your baby’s sleep here’s how not to be!

19 Apr 2022 | 4 min Read


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This is for all those parents who are worried sick about their baby not getting enough sleep. Seriously, you aren’t alone in worrying so much, and you have every reason to be. All we’re saying is – you don’t have to be!

Parents spend a whole lot of time thinking about how much sleep their little one is (or isn’t) getting. And in between all of this, it’s difficult to get a handle and stop obsessing over it.

Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and look at the problem from an outsider’s perspective. This may even end up giving you the much-needed peace of mind! Try these tips to help you find a middle ground:

1. Set Realistic Goals

For ages, all parents have been fed all sorts of information about how much their baby should be sleeping, should be eating, should be drinking, and ignoring the fact that each toddler is different and unique. When I say set realistic expectations, I mean that you need read up and read from credible sources about what infant and baby sleep patterns are like, and decide for yourself how much is enough and how much is necessary.

2. Some Things You Can Control, Some Things You Can’t

If your baby isn’t getting enough sleep or isn’t sleeping well enough, then don’t beat yourself up about it. Understand that some things are under your control, but others, like your baby’s sleep, aren’t. Instead, focus on what you can do – you can try to get your baby towards sleep by doing other activities that induce it – like taking a walk, changing the place of sleep, offer stories and try asking someone else to put them to bed.

3. Stop Obsessing!

It’s only natural – we tend to keep a track of how long the baby has been awake, what time it woke up from its nap, what time it’s supposed to sleep. But if you let these details take over your life, then you’re on a downward spiral! You don’t need to keep such a rigorous track of all these numbers, especially when you’re trying to put your baby to sleep. They’re going to drive you crazy!

4. Prioritize!

Accept that your baby’s so-called sleep ‘problem’ is what it is, and figure out ways in which you can focus those energies elsewhere. Rather than trying to ‘fix’ your baby’s sleep, you can prioritize and choose to focus on the things you can change: your mood, being in the right mental state, getting your daily exercise right and taking care of yourself. 

5. Find Your Gang!

Now, you’ll find support from all facets of life – friends, family, relatives and people you never expected to help. But apart from this, it’s only moms that truly understand what you go through! So, what we’re suggesting here is having a group of moms who can understand what you go through, have gone through it themselves, and can give you advice and support. And also, of course, you can always also keep them as a backup option for when you need reinforcement! You can find them in many places – yoga class, swimming class, the doctor – also on our website and app. 😉

6. You Are Awesome!

You may or may not hear this often enough, but you need to know this for sure – Mama, you are awesome! You are valued, loved, cherished, and no one thinks any lesser of you just because your poor baby can’t fall asleep. Your baby needs you to be at 100%. For them, you are everything – mom, dad, caretaker, feeder, protector, idol – and they look up only to you. You are the most important thing to your kids right now, and you just need to show up and be amazing. That’s all!

Hang in there, Mama Bear. This too will pass. 



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