Baby Feet Care: 6 Tips To Keep Them Clean And Healthy

Baby Feet Care: 6 Tips To Keep Them Clean And Healthy

30 Aug 2022 | 3 min Read

Reema Shah

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Taking care of a baby’s feet is equally important as taking care of their skin and health. When babies are born, their feet have a mass of cartilage making them delicate compared to adults. Thus they need gentle care just like the other areas of the baby’s body. But how can you care for your baby’s little feet for healthy growth? Here are six essential baby feet care tips to follow.

6 Baby Feet Care Tips

1. Wash Baby’s Feet Every Day

Wash your baby’s feet daily with gentle soap or wash. Ensure that you dry the feet carefully afterwards. Focus on the gaps carefully like the area between the toes and around the toenails. This is where bacteria tend to breed if left moist.

BabyChakra’s Natural Foaming Wash And Shampoo has ingredients like organic coconut oil, cocoa oil, calendula extract and sandalwood oil which helps to cleanse and moisturise your baby’s skin gently. Hence, you can use this baby-friendly wash for your baby’s gentle feet.

2. Let The Feet Breathe

Unless it’s cold, let your baby stay without socks or other coverings. This is because free feet give them the unrestricted opportunity to bend and move naturally which aids in their development and understanding of movement. If the weather is warm, keeping your baby’s feet uncovered will also help keep cool him/her and prevent the discomfort caused by overheating.

baby feet care
When it comes to baby feet care, you must give them free movement to grow and play / Credit – Canva

3. Keep Nails Tidy

Baby’s nails are tiny, but when left to grow too long can cause damage to their delicate and soft skin when they are kicking or playing with their feet. There are specific baby nail clippers available to get the job done easily and quickly and don’t cause any harm or pain to your baby.

When it comes to cutting your baby’s nails, trim them straight across ensuring that you don’t cut them very short. Avoid cutting the toenails along the sides, as this may lead to in-growing of nails or infections.

4. Encourage Movement

Let those typical baby movements like bending, kicking, and flexing the feet happen as these are all part of your baby’s normal development. Keep your baby active by letting them kick or use soft toys which help aid their development and muscular strength. You don’t need to overdo it though.

5. Keep the Feet Warm

If the weather is cold, ensure you put socks on your baby’s feet. Caring for the feet is important as it helps in body temperature regulation. So if your baby is too cold, it can affect the baby in different areas such as reduced appetite or difficulty sleeping. So, it’s simple – just pop a pair of socks on your baby’s feet. Ensure your baby is comfortable in the socks and it fits them well as babies tend to grow quickly.

6. Pick The Right Shoes

Baby feet have soft cartilage. So once your baby is ready to step out, you need to pick the right footwear that protects the feet from injuries. It is important that your baby’s shoes are soft, flexible and fit well to let the feet grow.

Check your baby’s feet regularly to see if there’s any redness or unpleasant smell which can indicate a fungal infection so that you can get it treated on time. 



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