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Baby Names Top 10 Baby Names And Their Meaning

Baby Names Top 10 Baby Names And Their Meaning

30 May 2022 | 2 min Read


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Amidst all the excitement surrounding around your baby, naming them is one of the best parts! But be sure to choose a name that they won’t regret while growing up or a name that satisfies all your religious beliefs, whichever works. Here are a list of top 10 suggested names for your baby and what they mean.

1. Kiaan :

Kiaan is a Hindu name for boys meaning God’s chosen one, or the grace of God.

2. Samaira :

Samaira is generally considered to be a Muslim name of Indian origin meaning a girl child who is enchanting.

3. Atharv :

Atharv is a name usually chosen by Hindu parents for their boy child as reverence the name is said to be a synonym for Lord Ganesha.

4. Ayesha :

Usually a gender neutral name of Arabic origin, Ayesha in Urdu means ‘womanhood’ as Aisha was believed to be Prophet Mohammad’s favourite wife.

5. Vihaan :

Vihaan is a Hindu name which has been gaining popularity lately. It essentially translates to morning or dawn, or the first rays of the sun.

6. Sarah :

A name of Hebrew origin from Sarah, the mother of Isaac in the Bible. Sarah is also considered to be a synonym for a princess.

7. Neil :

Neil is a male name finding origin from the Gaelic language started in Ireland. It has two meaning, one of which is ‘champion’ and the other being ‘passionate’.

8. Jiya :

Jiya is a name of Indian origin of a girl child who has a lot of heart and soul, someone with a lot of spirit.

9. Samarth :

Another name of Indian origin usually used by Hindu parents meaning a boy who is powerful in the face of danger. An efficient person.

10. Shanaya :

Shanaya is a name for a girl child of Indian origin which is the female version of the name Vihaan, also translating to the First Rays of the Sun.











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