What To Expect When My Baby Is Starting Solids At 6 Months

What To Expect When My Baby Is Starting Solids At 6 Months

2 Jun 2023 | 4 min Read

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Buckle up, parents! The time has come for your little one to embark on an exciting culinary expedition. When your baby is starting solids at 6 months, it is a milestone that opens up a whole new world of flavours, textures, and messy adventures. Get ready to witness your baby’s adorable reactions, funny faces, and unexpected twists along this delightful journey!

What Is The Right Age To Start Solids?

Babies can start eating solid foods when they are about 6 months old, and by the time they are  7 or 8 months old, you can introduce them to a variety of foods that include infant cereals, fruits, vegetables, grains, meat or other proteins, cheese and yoghurts. 

What To Expect When My Baby Starts Solids At 6 Months

starting solids at 6 months
When your baby is starting solids at 6 months mealtime becomes an opportunity for your baby to explore new tastes/ Image source: freepik

The Taste Test 

As you introduce your baby to solids, prepare for some hilarious reactions. From the first spoonful, be prepared for funny faces, tongue thrusts, and pure confusion. Remember, it’s a whole new world of flavours for your little one! Some foods may be an instant hit, while others might be met with scepticism. 

Keep a camera ready, as you don’t want to miss those adorable expressions.

The Mess Factor 

Oh, the messiness! Starting solids means saying hello to spills, smudges, and smears. Mealtime might turn into a creative art session with food decorating the walls, your baby’s face, and, well, pretty much everything. 

Embrace the chaos and capture these messy masterpieces on camera. Don’t worry; it gets easier with time and practice.

If your baby is starting solids at 6 months be prepared for the mess and spills/ Image source: freepik

The Texture Tango 

As your baby progresses with solids, the journey becomes more textured. From smooth purees to mashed foods, and eventually finger foods, it’s a dance of textures. Be prepared for the “I can do it myself” phase, where your baby insists on grabbing the spoon or picking up food independently. 

This might lead to some unexpected textures on your floor, but it’s all part of the learning process.

The Flavors of Adventure 

Every mealtime becomes an opportunity for your baby to explore new tastes. The adventure begins with single-ingredient purees like sweet potatoes, carrots, or peas. As your baby becomes more adventurous, mix different flavours and introduce a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains. 

Encourage your little one to try new things, even if it means making silly sounds or doing aeroplane spoon tricks!

The Digestive Detours 

Starting solids may also come with a few bumps on the road, quite literally. Your baby’s digestive system is adapting to this new world of food, so expect some changes in their bowel movements. You may encounter surprises like colour variations, different textures, and even an occasional food item that reappears exactly as it went in! 

Rest assured, it’s all part of the process, and your paediatrician is always there to address any concerns.

The Mealtime Magic 

As your baby becomes a seasoned eater, mealtime can turn into a magical bonding experience. Enjoy the joyous moments as you sit together, sharing meals and exploring new flavours side by side. Encourage healthy eating habits by incorporating family meals, engaging in conversation, and modelling good eating habits. 

Cherish these times together, as they create lifelong memories.

A baby starting solids is an adventure filled with fun, messiness, and lots of laughter. From the first taste to independent eating, your baby’s journey into solids is a milestone worth celebrating. Embrace the messy moments, savour the adorable expressions, and enjoy the precious time spent together.

So, put on your bibs, grab the camera, and get ready for a culinary rollercoaster that will leave you with delightful memories for years to come. Bon appétit, to your little food explorers!

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