6 Reasons To Add A Natural Clay Face Mask To Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine 

6 Reasons To Add A Natural Clay Face Mask To Your Pregnancy Skincare Routine 

14 Apr 2023 | 6 min Read

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While you don’t need to apply it every day, your pregnancy skincare regime is incomplete without a natural clay face mask. This underrated multitasking skincare product is perfect for rejuvenating your complexion and even toning your skin texture. 

A clay face mask contains hydrating ingredients that are suitable for all skin types, especially oily and acne-prone skin. Read on to know more about the benefits of using a clay face mask and the best one to add to your pregnancy skincare routine.

6 Unique Benefits Of Using A Clay Face Mask During Pregnancy

Clay Face Mask

Using a clay mask can help detoxify your skin and fight against pregnancy acne / Image credit: Freepik

Clay face masks are clarifying and detoxifying and can help enhance your overall skin health during pregnancy. We have discussed some of its other benefits too that will make you fall in love with this potent skincare product.

It Acts As A Magnet To Draw Out Your Skin Impurities

Your skin comes in contact with dirt, bacteria, and oil regularly. While exfoliating your skin is crucial to remove these pesky irritants, adding a natural clay face mask to your pregnancy skincare routine, twice a week can really level up your game.

How does it work? Let us give you the context. A natural clay mask is made of negatively-charged molecules, and most of the toxins present in your skin are made of positively charged molecules. 

This means that a clay mask can pull the toxins lying deep in your pores like a magnet, bring them to the skin’s surface, and then clear them away. Also, if you use clay masks regularly, your blackheads and whiteheads won’t even stand a chance to survive.

It Fights Pregnancy Acne

Acne is a persistent skin concern experienced during pregnancy. It also contributes to other skin woes like redness and irritation. The good news is that a clay mask serves as the ideal acne-fighting agent and reduces your breakouts.

Applying a clay mask can soothe your acne-prone skin and kill the bacteria causing continuous breakouts. It also helps clear your skin’s surface, detoxifies it from within, and reduces the appearance of dull spots and marks.

It Helps Unclog Your Pores

Clogged pores inhibit your skincare products to penetrate deeper and make your makeup appear patchy. A natural clay mask with Multani mitti and plant-based AHAs can help purify your pores, tighten them, and minimise their appearance. 

The best part is that besides unclogging your pores, a clay face mask deeply cleanses your skin, without stripping natural oils. So if you are experiencing clogged pores during pregnancy, try a clay face mask to get rid of them.

It Helps Enhance Glow And Radiance

Clay Face Mask

A clay face mask helps remove accumulated dead skin cells and enhances your glow and radiance / Image credit: Freepik

A clay face mask helps enhance your glow and radiance by removing all the dead skin cells piled on your skin’s surface. Additionally, it also helps prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface in the first place. 

Want a pro tip? Use a clay mask with witch hazel extract and kaolin clay to clarify your skin and gently remove dead skin cells. This will also make your skin’s surface smoother and enhance your glow.

It Boosts Blood Circulation In Your Skin

Clay masks, especially the ones formulated with bentonite clay help improve blood circulation in your skin. This in turn helps increase oxygen supply to your skin cells, which further speeds up the skin cell regeneration process, improves collagen synthesis, and gives you a brighter and youthful appearance. 

It Balances Oil Production In Your Skin

Clay masks are beneficial for every skin type, but they are super helpful for oily skin, thanks to their oil-absorbing powers. Using a clay face mask with Moroccan lava clay, bentonite, and kaolin clay help absorb oil from your skin like magic, and remove dirt and impurities to give you a sheer and glowing look. 

It’s best to use a clay face mask twice or three times a week to control excess oil production in your skin.

Pro tip: You should focus on the areas that tend to get oily more, like the T-zone and chin area. Try to avoid your eye area and lips as they don’t need oil absorption.

The Best Clay Face Mask To Use During Pregnancy

You can opt for The Moms Co.’s natural clay face mask, which is formulated with high-performing clays like Moroccan lava, bentonite, activated charcoal, and kaolin clay. All these ingredients help detox, refine, and hydrate your skin. Plus, they are safe to use during pregnancy. 

For best results, use this clay face mask twice a week, and keep it on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. After this, use The Moms Co.’s natural vitamin C face toner to rebalance your skin’s pH, and layer in your serum and moisturiser to lock maximum nourishment.


A clay face mask is a one-stop skincare solution for anyone dealing with acne, clogged pores, and dull skin during pregnancy. It’s immensely beneficial for your complexion and helps detoxify and purify your skin to bring out your inner glow.

You can safely add The Moms Co.’s clay mask that we have mentioned above, as it is 100% pregnancy-safe, and designed #FoeEveryMum to suit her #ThroughEveryChange. So continue using it in your postpartum beauty routine to regain your skin tone texture and enhance your radiance. 

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